Where Should I Get My First Tattoo?

Woman's arm with 'be happy' on it as first tattoo
meegan zimmerman/Moment/Getty Images

If you are planning your first tattoo, you may be wondering where to put it. Here's a brief overview that will help with tattoo placement.

When you consider your first tattoo, the sky is the limit. Will you choose your back, inner wrist or a hip tattoo? Planning your first tattoo really takes some thought and reflection. Now is the time to invest in your own self by thinking ahead and considering all factors of tattoo positioning.

With keen placement, your art can actually enhance your body and draw attention to some of your best assets. You can use that knowledge to your own benefit and really plan an attractive tattoo that pairs beautifully with your design plans.

Depending on the design idea, placement will vary. The larger your tattoo the more area you'll need available. Large pieces look best on the back, side, and chest. Although most artists will not steer you clear of it, you should consider the pain factor first before opting for a prominent piece. Once you are comfortable with the process you can add to it as need be. If you start with a smaller design with plans to add on more later, make sure you place it in an area that will later accommodate these plans.

Do You Want to See It?

Another consideration is how frequently you'll see your tattoo. Although certain spots may be tempting, if your first tattoo is out of your own plain site you are not going to be able to appreciate it as much as you'll likely desire.

Good spots for a first tattoo that you can really look at are the wrist, arm, foot, and hand. Although hand tattoos have their challenges and many artists will not work on them, if you have a solid idea in mind and can find a professional and ​reputable tattooist, the results can be worth it. You'll also need to consider workplace practices as many employers have policies regarding visible modifications and tattoos.​

Do you have a body feature you want to enhance? Tattoos will draw the eye to that spot, so use this to your advantage with your ink. You can really enhance sexy spots of your anatomy by placing tattoos in their spots.

If you are still not certain where you should get your first tattoo, ask your artist. Once they know your tattoo idea they will help you plan the best placement. This is very beneficial especially if you have an artist that looks at your body as something to enhance. If he has an artful eye, you may end up getting your tattoo somewhere you had never thought. If you have spent the time seeking out a diligent tattoo artist, you should also allow them some free reign with their art and trust their expertise.

How Much Does It Hurt?

One last consideration for placing your first tattoo is the pain factor. The thinner the skin and bonier the surface the more you are going to feel the needle. Safe spots that may inflict the least amount of pain include the arm and leg. Steer clear of the elbow, foot, and ribs for a first tattoo as these spots reportedly hurt the most. If your artist uses a numbing product prior to tattooing, you will experience much less pain and should be able to settle your fears about first tattoo pain.

Planning your first tattoo includes factoring several things such as an art style, your design, if you are going to opt for colors or black and grey, and then the consideration of placement. Once you've determined the majority of these you can focus on the placement and make changes as you see fit prior to making it permanent. Always invest your time in finding the right artist and be sure to look at their art portfolios to see their talent as well as get inspired.