Is It Possible to Fall Back in Love With Your Partner?

Couple holding each other.
Martin Dimitrov/E+/Getty Images

Relationships can certainly have their share of ups and downs, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself questioning your true feelings for your partner. And while you may have been deeply in love with this person in the past, you may now feel as though your feelings of adoration and affection are slowly starting to dissipate. However, it’s important to understand that it’s definitely possible to fall back in love with your partner and rediscover the feelings that you once had for this person—and even make your relationship stronger. With this in mind, there are five key steps that you can take right now to rekindle the flame and reignite your love and passion for this person.

1. Be honest with yourself. If you’re wondering if it’s at all possible to fall back in love with your partner, the first question you should ask yourself is if you actually want to do so. After all, if your partner is abusive, possessive and/or disrespectful of you, falling out of love with this person is actually a way of protecting your emotional and even your physical health and is a clear sign that you should end this damaging and destructive relationship. However, if you do want to fall back in love with this person and your feelings of waning interest aren’t based on any behavioral red flags, you should feel confident in the fact that there are ways to make this happen.  

2. Recognize the possible causes behind your changing feelings. If your goal is to fall back in love with your partner, the next step is to pinpoint the various reasons why you fell out of love in the first place. For example, do you feel as though your partner is different from the person he or she once was? Is he or she neglecting you, disappointing you and/or placing his or her focus and attention on everything but you? Once you understand what’s causing your love for this person to fade, it’ll be far easier for you to discuss this with your partner going forward.  

3. Talk to your partner. With this in mind, in order to fall back in love with your partner, the next step is to be open with him or her about the issues that are causing you to question your feelings. For instance, if you’re doubting your love for this person because you don’t feel that he or she makes time for you, it’s important that you clearly express to your partner that this is an issue for you. In fact, your partner may have no clue that the amount of time you spend together isn’t meeting your needs, and once you’re honest with him or her, you can develop a plan as a couple to remedy this key issue.

4. Make your relationship a priority. If you want to rediscover the loving feelings that you once had for your partner, the next step is to work together to find ways to make your relationship a priority again. After all, when you first fell in love, you likely put in the time, effort and energy that it takes to build a true connection with each other. And it’s not uncommon that after a certain amount of time has passed, you no longer feel the need to woo and impress one another. However, in order to rekindle your loving feelings, you and your partner should aim to bring back the romance that was once a cornerstone of your budding and blooming relationship.

5. Make each other a priority. Along these lines, it’s imperative that you and your partner find ways to make each other a priority again as well. And whether this means performing random acts of kindness for one another, bringing back date night and/or setting aside times to be intimate with one another, you and your partner should take real steps to reclaim the passionate feelings and emotions that were once at the heart of your loving connection. In fact, when you prioritize your partner in a way that’s reminiscent of when you first fell in love, you can rediscover your first-rate connection and build an even stronger one as a result. 

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