When Venus is in Virgo - Venus Transits

Virtuous Love and Creativity

Betsey Van Der Meer -- Getty Images.

Venus Virgo is the time to take pleasure in the pristine and refined.  Now you hone your art, and get a kick out of lending a hand.

After Venus has been in Leo, with its raw creative force, now comes time to refine, edit and fix structural problems. 

Virtue is a Virtue

Venus provides the mood lighting for love and the social scene.  What we see with Virgo is a natural reserve, that's the instinct of the Virgin, wanting to stay whole-unto-his or herself. 

A lot of scrutinizing goes on with Virgo, to be sure of what they're getting themselves into.  Virgos crave order, everything in its place, and can take this to the extreme!  And yet, Venus here promotes the upside of this trait, and that's to safeguard our goodies, and be sure of who is allowed in the intimate "virginal territory." 

It's a great time to be a born-again Virgin, no matter how far you've succumbed to the demoralizing promiscuity of the times.  Venus makes it attractive to purify yourself, to make your body a sacred temple, and to know the power of wholeness. 

Noble Virtues

When Venus is in Virgo, we're reminded that a person's character can be attractive.  This stretch of time finds us in a groove, where we settle in, and demonstrate on a consistent basis, that we're walking our talk.  

The Venus Virgo lover or friend is very discriminating about who they invest in.  A relationship has to make sense, as Virgo seeks what's sensible.  Often that's cultivating deeper ties with those with shared values, and way of living day-to-day. 

Out of this desire for clean-living, the Venus Virgo can seem wary at first, not one to go off the deep end in love, and friendships also take time to develop.  What kind of love happens now?  The kind that organically unfolds from life.  An example is like a friendship at work that begins with a collegial mutual respect, and even some formality, and becomes something more.  

DIY Love & Creativity

And yet, there can be a lot of good-natured, purposeful discussion, as Virgo is Mercury-ruled.  (Virgo's modern ruler is Chiron, the "wounded healer").  At the Venus Virgo party, there's a din of mercurial exchanges.  It's a pleasure to get granular in conversations, and trade useful tidbits or news. 

This transit through Virgo makes it fun to gain real skills together, and love could develop during such a hands-on shared experience.  Good vibes at work or while volunteering could lead to friendships that are based on being mutually supportive. 

Being an earth sign, Virgo finds its wellness groove in the rhythm of a satisfying, productive day.  Taking a small step gets you going, and helps you find traction with creative goals.  

Virgo on a Bad Day

In contrast to the exhibitionism of Venus in Leo, this time with Venus can be more self-conscious, inhibited.  Venus rules attractions, but also what repulses, but becomes a kind of fixation.  

Virgo is a mutable sign that's hypersensitive to the confusion of having so many choices.  There can be an intense desire to see more fruits of your labor.  Venus here can bring on moods of discontent, self-flagellation or running critique of others.  

Less is more, though and there's heightened sensory perception.  The remedy for too much thinking, judging and stress, is to slow down to the rhythms of nature.  To enjoy slow food, and "phat times" of nothing on the day book.  To exchange massages or begin a cathartic exercise that's also artful or balancing in some way.

In his Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology, Per Henrick Gullfoss writes, "This Venus is in the horoscope to open up the eyes of the owner to the immense beauty of nature, the body, and all that the spirit can sense and experience through the body."