Know When to Shave Your Head

Boris Kodjoe
106 & Park, NYC/Boris Kodjoe/Getty Images 

Getting a head shave is something a man should do at least once in his life. It makes a dramatic statement and, I believe, can be quite liberating. A shaved head evokes confidence and masculinity.  I love those times after I've shaved my own head as it makes streamlines my morning routine and makes everything so much easier.  On the right man, a shaved head can also be highly stylish. Knowing when to shave your head is important, but the time is right to consider the option. These days even major celebrities are going bald by choice.

Practical Reasons

Of course, there are practical reasons for going slick. If nature already has you well on your way to a bald head, shaving the rest can give you a younger look. If you're very active, a bald head can be easy to maintain. I shave my head once every few years just for a change and because it's much easier for me to deal with in the hot summer months. Before you go bald by choice, there are a few things to consider.

  • Your Profession. Today, a bald head is normally acceptable for most professions, but only you'll know for sure. If you work in an ultra-conservative environment, then a bald head may not be a good choice.  These days even actors and television personalities are sporting shaved heads.  
  • Your Head. Talk to your barber before taking the plunge. A barber will be able to determine if your head shape and scalp condition are right for a bald head.  This is an important step before you decide to shave your head -- you'll need to make sure it is the right decision before you take the plunge.
  • Your Lifestyle. Should you decide to keep shaving your head, it is important to note that daily maintenance can add a few minutes to your morning routine.  Once you get the hang of it, shaving your head every day (or every few days) is quite easy.  You will, of course, need to moisturize and apply sunscreen on a regular basis, but I find that is easier than styling your hair every morning.  

Of course, a bald head is not for everyone and you can never be completely sure of how it will look until you do it. That said, if shaving your head ends up being a mistake, your hair will always grow back and it will be a good opportunity for you to explore different options for stylish headwear. If you think you're ready to take the plunge, follow my tips for shaving your head.  You can shave your head with shaving cream and a razor or, for the simpler approach, you can buzz it skin tight with a good balding clipper.