Warning Signs That You Should Seek Professional Help

Knowing When to Get Professional Help

Anxious woman sitting in sofa daydreaming
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We all experience times in our lives when we feel especially down or hopeless about our circumstances. When this happens, you may wonder how to recognize when it is time to seek out professional help. In addition, as a single parent, you may feel that you don't have time to wait for things to resolve on their own, because your precious children are depending on you.

Here are twelve signs that may indicate that it's time for you to seek professional help. If you recognize yourself in more than three of these indicators, please seek help from a mental health professional.

  1. You just want to sleep all the time.
  2. You find yourself crying uncontrollably over seemingly "little" things.
  3. You've lost the desire to do the things you used to enjoy.
  4. You are experiencing unreasonable fears.
  5. You are unable to concentrate for any length of time.
  6. You feel immensely guilty over things that are not your fault.
  7. You're extremely angry and/or you can't seem to process your feelings.
  8. You find yourself being harsh with the children.
  9. You fear that you have or will become violent with the children.
  10. You're using alcohol or drugs - even in small amounts - to intentionally numb the pain.
  11. You feel you simply can not cope with what is happening in your life.
  12. You want to escape from your life and/or you've had thoughts of suicide.