When to Get a Facial, When to Skip It

The Best and Worst Time to Get a Facial

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Facials are meant to rejuvenate and treat your skin while helping you relax and destress. But if you get a facial at the wrong time you could be more upset than happy. When it comes to getting your skin to glow, timing and the type of facial you get are important.

A Facial Before a Big Event? Be Careful

Important events cause us to take stock in our appearance and think about the changes we want to make in how we look. Many times people use an upcoming major life event like a wedding or an important presentation at work to reevaluate their skin care routine. Instead of trying to go it alone, they decide to consult an expert, like an esthetician, for help. This is a great idea, but timing is everything when it comes to getting a facial and starting a new home skin care routine. If you want to make big changes to your skin so you look fabulous in time for a major event you need to start those changes about two months before that event. Getting a deep cleansing facial the day before or even the week before your wedding is a big don't. Facials with extractions and the use of aggressive ingredients can leave your skin blotchy, red, and irritated. Yes, your skin will recover and eventually look amazing, but you need to give your skin time to heal so you can't do it too close to your event. If you suffer from acne, have lots of blackheads, and clogged pores be sure to see an esthetician for a facial at least two weeks, better yet three weeks, before you are going to be in the spotlight. Treating a skin condition like hyperpigmentation, dark spots on the skin, takes a lot of time and commitment both in terms of professional treatments and home care, so you need to start those types of treatments as early as you can.

Perhaps you want to treat the signs of aging in your skin before you are going to photographed and seen in person by a lot of people. One of the best ways to treat skin aging is with the daily use of anti-aging skin care products. Some of these products can be strong and before your skin starts to look younger and has a glow it needs to go through an initial adjustment period. Anytime you start to use new skin care products you could have some skin irritation or issues. Be sure to start a new skin care routine well before your event so that your skin has time to get used to the new products.

Pregnant? You Can Definitely Get a Pampering Facial

While some women may experience a pregnancy glow, others suffer from acne, dark spots, and puffiness. Even though you are pregnant you can definitely still get a professional facial during those 9 months. Open communication with your esthetician is crucial before you start your facial. Even if you are just a few weeks pregnant you need to tell your esthetician (even if you haven't told your friends yet). There are few skin care ingredients that cannot be used during pregnancy so your esthetician needs to avoid them during your facial. But besides for a few tweaks here and there, such as sitting instead of lying down during the facial, you can definitely indulge in a relaxing facial during pregnancy. There is also no reason to suffer from pregnancy related skin issues. There are both skin care products that are safe for use during pregnancy and professional treatments that will help your skin a lot. Be sure to let your esthetician know how you are feeling throughout the facial so that you enjoy yourself as much as possible.

Can Men Get Facials? Of course!

Some men love going to the spa, others find it an intimidating experience.  While many men indulge in massages they find the idea of getting a facial strange. There is certainly no reason for men not to get a facial and plenty of good reasons for them to get one. Teenagers are usually brought to an esthetician by their mother in order to treat blackheads and acne, but once their acne clears up men tend to stay away from the esthetician and the spa, which is a shame. Many men have blackheads that can only be removed through professional extractions. Just like women's skin, men's skin can get dull and feel rough. Professional skin care treatments ensure are just as important for men as they are for women.