What to Expect When the Moon Is in Cancer

Discover your inner nurturer

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The Moon orbits the Earth about once a month. From the viewpoint of Earth, the moon appears to move across the night sky, "transiting" or moving past an astronomical object or constellation. From an astrological point of the view, the moon sets the emotional tone as it transits through the Zodiac signs. It changes signs every two and a half days. You can work with this rhythm to "go with the flow" of the Moon. You can use it to know the general feeling tone to expect.

What to Expect When the Moon Is in Cancer

When the Moon is in Cancer, we all become homebodies. We want to retreat to the place we feel most at home. This can bring out a sense of "homesickness" if we're far from home or estranged from others. It may also be a time for reaching out to those who know us best.

This Moon makes us quick to tear up and have sentimental moments. We might get absorbed in memories of a long-lost lover or friend. It heightens emotions, and we might experience mood swings, from dark lows to blissful highs. We are more sensitive to the moods of others.

This Moon makes us want to retreat, to refill the well. But it's about being enriched by close ties—and the safety of home, too. It's not necessarily mellow, but there's a sense of wanting to be enclosed, private, in familiar environs. We might reach for our favorite foods, or show love by baking or cooking. The trappings of home include aromas that are comforting. It all ends with cozying up in bed, maybe even being tucked in.

You may also get lost in an imaginative project. You can add emotional depth and nuance to what you're working on. Whatever you do, it's with more feeling.

It's a time of sensitivity when we're more empathic in general. This can cause us to absorb the clouds of others, but it also leads to great compassion, perhaps extending out to include all of humanity. You might discover what soothing balm you can contribute. You have a greater instinct for what's nurturing for people and the culture at large.

How to Enjoy Your Time When the Moon Is in Cancer

Now is a good time to enjoy activities that relate to nurturing, closeness, and water. These activities may relate to your own spiritual growth, connections with other people, or connections with growing and living things. You might choose to:

  • Take some time to enjoy the peace and serenity that come with time at the beach, at a lake, or even in a warm tub.
  • Spend quality time with family and friends.
  • Enjoy nurturing your own creative spirit through painting, drawing, singing, acting, playing music, or writing.
  • Nurture others by bringing gifts, treats, or even plants to brighten their day.
  • Volunteer your time to help others in settings such as food pantries, nursing homes, or daycare centers.
  • Consider starting seedlings or working in a garden.