Your Jupiter Sign, Your Brightest Star

Luck, Growth, Faith

Silhouette of woman with two children, holding up a star

Bright Jupiter has always been a guiding star for travelers, and so it is symbolically for the path of life.

Your Jupiter sign guides you to your big dreams, those that seem nearly impossible to achieve.

Jupiter shows up in your life as a pull toward your aspirations, through an inner drive, sense of destiny, serendipity, helpful friends, lucky breaks, and fateful events.

Sometimes Jupiter calls you out to take risks, and the result in doing that is a faith that life is unfolding as it should.

Jupiters' element points out the medium—whether you're working with ideas (air signs), tangibles and structures (earth signs), emotional and imaginative knowing (water signs), or instinctual awareness (fire signs).

Jupiter's quality (or modality) is the modus operandi. You're primarily a starter (cardinal), a finisher (fixed), or a mixologist (mutable).

The Zodiac Sign and House position show where and how those signs of destiny will appear in your life. Find out about your Jupiter by looking for the Jupiter symbol on the birth chart.

Jupiter in Aries

You've got an undeniable lust for life, and force of fire to go after what you want. Your courage is inspiring to others. You shine when reaching forward confidently at the edge of new experience. You add sparks of excitement everywhere you go and are a catalyst for others.

You are energized by the new, and love travel, impossible challenges, and being the one others follow. Total faith in Self leads you to thrust aggressively toward your goals. You're a physical dare-devil, vigorous, larger-than-life, dynamic, a born-leader and trailblazer.

Jupiter in Taurus

You are sure-footed on solid ground and have highly keen senses to enjoy what's all around you. You find spirit in matter, and your faith can be renewed in natural settings. You're often gifted with an artistic eye and ability to create beauty around you.

Wealth is a big motivator for you because you feel secure when surrounded by the abundance, luxuries, comforts , and pleasures of life. You're a naturalist, nurturer of children and animals, outdoorsy, materialist, provider, builder, artist, and likely do well as an entrepreneur in the market.

Jupiter in Gemini

You shine when delighting in ideas, and learning ever more. You're drawn to each sparkly tidbit of what there is to know out there. Your wheels are always turning, and you thrive in fast-paced, always-evolving settings. You're highly social and learn fascinating new things from everyone you meet.

You're able to absorb loads of information and reshape it into new and stimulating forms for others. Your destiny is to be the Messenger. You're drawn to fields like writing, drama, filmmaking, music, child-nurturing, comedy and teaching—life fields where ideas are broadcast to the world.

Jupiter in Cancer

You've got a generous spirit that loves to feed, comfort, and make others feel secure. You're gifted at creating a homey feeling wherever you go in the world. You sense the emotional undercurrents of a situation and know when others are vulnerable. You're ambitious and follow a path led by your powerful emotions and intuition. Your gifts translate well to deep healing and care, providing homes (from real estate to social work), business, artistic expression, high cuisine and food prep in general, remembering history, and family.

Jupiter in Leo

You shine when your self-expression comes out in a grand, cultivated, confident way. You see yourself as the star in an epic, with many meaningful turns in the road. You're drawn to colorful people, and your own personality is, at times, wonderfully over-the-top. You're able to step into leadership in a way that others respect.

A sense of play, delight, romance, holidays, celebrations, parties—all these renew your spirits. Your gifts may emerge through drama (acting), artistry of another kind, cultivating the talents of children as a teacher and/or parent, in business, and being a leader in the community.

Jupiter in Virgo

You feel on the right track when rooted in a routine that is productive and in harmony with your high standards. You've got gifts of discrimination, discipline, and the ability to help yourself and others refine life. You've got the grace that comes with knowing the value of service to community.

You're likely drawn to healing others, volunteering, or just known for lending a hand when its needed most. You understand systems and are on a mission to offer your insights for holistic improvement. Your gifts translate well to the healing arts, public service, anything that requires analysis, restoring integrity to work life, medicine, food production, or working with animals. You've got a natural instinct to be part of the healing of the Earth from the Industrial Age.

Jupiter in Libra

You're guided toward high ideals and having a just balance in all your dealings. You've got a gift for one-on-one rapport and shine in partnerships that combine the energies of two into One. Your growth comes through give and take, weighing all your options to find the best path, and being a force for high-minded viewpoints.

Your eye for aesthetic harmony is keen, and leads you to create beauty in your home, or to turn that gift into a career. Your talents can be channeled into fields such as law, social justice, righting wrongs through activism, art or design, fashion, entertaining, public relations, or writing.

Jupiter in Scorpio

You've got the ability to see the hidden goings-on in life, and this can be a tool for success. Your path is toward being able to handle intense energy, and use it as a healing force. When you're wise about your own power, you're able to use it to create what you want and help others become empowered, too.

As a Jupiter Scorpio, your instinct for the hidden side of life draws you into mysteries, metaphysics, shamanism, sacred places, sexuality as a creative and healing force, expressions in Art of what is hidden. Your faith is renewed when you go through periods of psychic death, and emerge anew, after shedding your old skin. With that ability to evolve, you're in a position to help others adapt to the great changes of our time.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

Your spirit is lit up when exposed to knowledge, far-reaching concepts, spiritual questing. You're able to spontaneously follow your innate sense of what's the next step, and often that means taking a big leap of faith. You shine when challenging yourself to grow both physically and intellectually. Travel opens up doors of knowledge and can renew your faith, infusing it with color and sense of possibility.

You're born under a Lucky Star, with Jupiter in its natural sign, and might find that good stuff—especially related to your destiny—comes your way. Your gifts are well-channeled into horse-related fields, being an explorer, globetrotter, expansive studies in fields like archeology, art and spiritual expression across the world, competitive sport challenges, special feats that require you to find endurance from within.

Jupiter in Capricorn

Your sense of optimism comes from a real understanding of what works and what doesn't. You have the ability to create lasting structures based on timeless principles. You've got faith that working hard and being wise and resourceful will lead to success. Your integrity keeps you from ever dropping a worthwhile project, giving you great endurance.

You've got a deep belief in tradition, working with what's available, and being careful to create something enduring. You do well as a leader in institutional structures of finance, health, business, government, and so on. When you apply your high standards across the board, your actions benefit society in general. Your gifts can also be applied to fields of medicine, protecting natural resources, architecture or city planning, creating policy as a politician, advisor, or advocate.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You're able to make breakthroughs in any endeavor because you're willing to step out into unknown territory. Your faith allows you to disengage from the limits of social conditioning, cultural taboos, and actually make new discoveries! You're liable to be called a genius, and perhaps an eccentric one, because you're willing to be different, and follow your own inner call. You're wise to the fact that there are many spiritual paths, and each leads to communion with the One.

If you're an artist, you won't mind shocking others or experimenting to the fullest. You're in a position to understand society's shift and help everyone reach for their own source of power. You thrive in groups and love to move in and out of friend circles. Your gifts can find their way into activism, music and the arts, the sciences, technology, community building, inventing, and metaphysics.

Jupiter in Pisces

You've got the gift of empathy, and a desire to be a force for compassion in the world. Your imagination is crowded with images and sounds that find their way into creative work. Your faith is strengthened when you're able to express your awareness that we're all humans with similar needs—to love and be loved.

You shine when your cultivate artistic gifts that allow you to express nuanced emotion. You can be a healing presence and are naturally drawn to helping the vulnerable or confused. Your quest may take you into areas of knowledge that there are other planes and dimensions of experience. Your gifts can be channeled into drama, art therapy, healing touch, living or working near the ocean, music, child development, and being the mystic and dreamer among us.