What to Wear with White Jeans

The Best Colors of Shoes and Boots

Once a bit of a novelty item, white jeans have become a staple in a lot of women's wardrobes.

Unlike like your regular, old, garden-variety blue jeans, white jeans look a bit more dressed up. They make you feel a bit more ready for whatever the day has to offer. But, being jeans, they're still casual.

But even the most ardent fans of white denim will often only wear it in spring and summer. Perhaps they still subscribe to that old "no white after labor day" theory that our parents and grandparents preached. Maybe that just feels more natural to them. Or, it could be that they only think of skimpy sandals and warm-weather colors when they're thinking of what to pair with their white jeans.

I totally get it. I've been guilty of thinking that way myself. But, we should all try to remember that there's a wide variety of shoe colors that look great with white jeans — and, they can just as well in fall and winter.

Still not convinced? Check out some of the examples below.

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White Shoes With White Jeans

Nicole Richie, wearing white jeans, white high heeled shoes, and a thin black belt.
Donato Sardella / Getty Images for Vogue / Getty Images

White on white is so chic it's nearly irresistible — especially for summer. And, while there's no rule that says you have to wear white shoes with an all-white outfit, there's no law against it either.

For this combination, your options are pretty endless. You can add a white top or jacket, along with colorful or neutral accessories, or you can add color into the mix via your shirt or jacket. But, whatever you decide on the color front, don't stress it too much. It's nearly impossible to mess up the white jeans and white shoes combination.

But, I do have one word of warning. If you're going for a dressy-casual look (think heels and jeans), there is one essential component to keeping this look clean and sharp: your shoes need to be in tip-top shape.

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Shades of Gray

Halle Berry, dressed in cropped white jeans, grey shoes, and gray tops.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

One of my favorite colors to pair with white jeans is gray.

Gray booties, boots, pumps, sandals or flats. It doesn't matter, because gray and white is truly a multi-seasonal palette.

While this dynamic combination works especially well in spring and fall, and it transitions nicely into summer and winter — particularly when dark grays or blacks are thrown into the mix.

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Black Footwear

Maika Monroe, dressed in black high heel sandals, white jeans, and a white shirt.
Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Wearing black shoes with white jeans is another look that's easy to pull off. But, again, a lot of women don't think about it, because they tend to wear white jeans more in summer than they do in cooler months. Consequently, they tend to reach for shoes in lighter neutral shades.

But as I said, not only are white jeans acceptable year 'round, the white jeans/black shoes combination can also be worn any time of year.

Outfits using only black and white, or black, white and gray are two of the simplest looks to work, but don't feel obligated to stick to such a safe color scheme.

Because your black shoes and your white jeans are both neutrals, they'll technically work well with just about any color (see more on color below) — but they'll really shine with something dynamic like bright red or royal blue.

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Other Neutrals & Earth Tones

Mollie King, wearing white jeans with brown boots, and a cream sweater.
Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

So, we've covered the big three neutrals: white, gray, and black. But, what about all those neutral shoes like sand, taupe, tan, beige, nude, linen, ivory and cream?

Easy. They all look great with white jeans.

Light neutral shoes are probably the easiest option for bright white denim. That's why it's such a popular combination. But, even mid-tone neutrals, and fall earth tones, like brown, can work beautifully with white jeans, as long as the rest of your outfit works together.

Another thing that's really nice about wearing these colors with white jeans, is that the style of the shoe is less important than it would be with, say, black footwear — which can be overwhelming if you're not careful with the rest of your outfit.

You can choose strappy sandals, full-coverage flats, pumps, or booties. It doesn't really matter, because the contrast will be much softer than it is with darker colors.

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So, Will White Jeans Go With Every Shoe Color?

Caroline Scheufele (with Livia Firth), dressed in bright coral shoes, and white skinny jeans.
Venturelli / WireImage / Getty Images

Well, yes. But, then again, not exactly.

Of course, you can wear them with any color of shoes you want, but you're definitely going to make things easier on yourself — and get a more natural combination — if you stick with colors that are very clear and true.

They can be pastels or brights. Even some dark colors work really well. But, if the color of your shoes could be described as muted, dusky, or dusty, you might want to save them for jeans that are on the cream or ivory side, instead of wearing them with a pair that is stark, bright white.

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Don't Forget Metallics

Victoria Beckham, dressed in silver tank top; silver pointy-toed pumps; and white jeans.
Jason Kempin / FilmMagic / Getty Images

Metallic shoes and sandals look stunning with white jeans, but again, the clearer or more pure the color (and finish), the better the combination is going to look.

Silver is probably the most popular of the two options, but nice, bright  or even lighter champagne gold are wonderful choices too. And yellow gold provides a nice bit of contrast.

On the other hand, antiqued or weathered metallics will probably look a bit too dull or old, for the brightness and "newness" of pure white jeans. The same can be said for pewter and bronze footwear.