What to Wear Underneath Spring Fashion Trends

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Spring Trends

Lingerie Francaise Show Paris
The Lingerie Francaise "Lingerie Mon Amore" show in Paris, January 2017. Becky Yee Photo

The weather is warming up, the sun is out later ... Spring is almost here! And that means it's time to start wearing those trends you saw on the runways of Paris, New York, and Milan. The Spring/Summer fashion trends are set after fashion magazine editors, bloggers, and fashion forecasters compile their favorite looks from the runways. And while the trends they pick aren't set in stone, you can bet that lots of their favorite looks will start to weave their way into popular fashion all over the world. 

Think of Spring as a fresh start to fashion. It's time to say goodbye to bulky sweaters, dark colors, and heavy coats. Upgrade your outfits with bold new looks, sweet little colors, and funky trends. And as the seasons change, so does what to wear underneath! Traditionally, popular colors lighten up, and because of the warmth, materials get thinner. That means the same bra or underwear that worked for your Winter wardrobe may not suit your Spring attire. 

Do a little Spring cleaning and let go of the outdated or worn out bras and underwear in your home. Then, compare what's in your drawer with your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Need to find a strapless bra for that off the shoulder top? Or maybe you need a pretty lace bra to wear under a sheer blouse! Don't forget, fashion trends come and go, but wearing undergarments that fit well and feel great never goes out of style. Be sure to find your bra size starting points and check the fit before wearing it with one of the trends seen here. 

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Bra Tops

Bra top and skirt
Getty/Nicolas Kipourax Paquet

According to a Style Caster report, one of the hottest trends on the Spring runway was bra tops. That means that bras that are really "tops" will be popping up. Usually, this fashion-forward trend can be found in the clothing department of stores, since the tops are designed as clothing, not as an undergarment. Although, you can visit your favorite lingerie boutique or the bra department at a local shop and sift through some of the styles there.

The key is to find something that is less "undergarment" and more "clothing". Try something that is opaque, not sheer. Go for something with structure, or even a cropped long-line style. See what works best for you, and what you'd feel comfortable wearing out and about on its own.

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Kimmay in Athleisure outfit
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears a Shock Absorber sports bra, Fabletics leggings, and The Style Theory tunic. Hurray Kimmay/Corinne Louie

At the top of the In Style Magazine Spring/Summer trends round-up: athleisure. Sports bra and sporty looking undergarments have gotten more fashion-forward in recent years. Long gone are the days of the plain, white sports bra. Now, bold colors, decorative patterns, and even fashionable designs are giving sports bras new life. Pair that with a pair of stylish leggings and a cool top and you are on trend, my friend.

Not sure what to wear underneath leggings or tight pants in the athleisure trend? You're not alone! Not knowing where to find the best underwear for workout pants and exercise is a popular problem. To stay both fashion-forward and fresh, try a seamless panty, a thong, or even underwear that prevents camel toe. Get sporty, get stylish! 

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White sheer dresses on the runway
Getty/Gio Barto

White and cream are popular colors for Spring and Summer, and this season it's no different. Maybe you're looking for what to wear under a simple white t-shirt or classic, crisp, white blouse. Or perhaps you are wearing white jeans or chinos, or a flowing, white dress. However you decide to wear white this year, it's important to choose your undergarments wisely. 

It's often been thought that wearing a white bra or panty underneath a white outfit is the best style solution. However, it's no longer common practice. If you'd like your undergarments to be invisible, or to blend in with your skin tone, it is best to choose a bra and underwear that is as close to your skin tone as possible. This is because a pure white, ivory or very light color will clash against your skin tone, and show through the white blouse or pant. On the contrary, matching to your skin tone will help it seamless blend in with your skin and seemingly disappear. 

This is true for bras, panties, slips, or shapewear that you may wear underneath white clothing. And, with new brands and style options of undergarments in many skin tone emerging every day, it's easier than ever to find a shade that suits your skin. 

Of course, if you prefer for your undergarments to show through your white outfit - as is a popular fashion choice - wearing white undergarments is a great idea. In fact, you can choose a bold color, a beautiful lace, or an intricate pattern as part of your outfit. It's up to you if you would like to hide or enhance your undergarments. 

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Low Armholes

Kimmay wearing Express
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears a lace bralette and low armhole dress from Express. Hurray Kimmay/Becky Yee Photo

Crop tops and open back blouses may be one way to let a little skin show, but the low armhole trend is a favorite for many trendsetters. The trick is, what can you wear underneath low armhole tops? Some fashion bloggers go for a lace bralette or even a bustier bra top. While others layer a camisole or bodysuit underneath. It all depends on how much you want to bare. Keep in mind, a bra with a pretty, colorful, or fashionable band is more likely to look like it's part of your outfit and meant to be shown, than a neutral color of a ​basic bra. It's up to you to let people know you've chosen to reveal what's underneath on purpose. Do it with style!

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Open Back

Open back dress
Getty/ Andreas Kuehn

Backless, low back or open back outfits are coming in full force this Spring and Summer. Gowns and t-shirts alike are baring the back. If you want to show off your back without any hindrance or a bra, go with a stick on bra or other backless solution.

Alternatively, you can show off a bra with a pretty back!  You'll be on trend with both the open back AND letting your lingerie peek out from underneath. Lots of racerback bras with decorative details or lace bralettes make it easy and fashionable to show off a little bit in the back.

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Plunging necklines

Plunging neckline Kimmay
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears a deep plunging dress from The Style Theory and an Adore Me strappy bra underneath. Hurray Kimmay/Corinne Louie Photo

Are you ready to take the plunge for this trend? A low cut, v-neck, or plunging neckline is seductive and fashionable. And there are many choices when it comes to what to wear underneath. In fact, you can hide your bra by wearing a plunge or push up bra, or you can showcase what's underneath! Try letting a lace bralette peek out, or cover up a bit with a pretty camisole.

Want to make your bra a part of your outfit? Get creative with a strappy or decorative detail. Don't want to wear a bra at all? Go sans bra and just wear nipple covers or a stick on bra, or add in something sassy like body jewelry. Anything goes, as long as you wear it with confidence!

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Getty/Gio Barto

It seems that skirts are in EVERY Spring and Summer, right? So it shouldn't be a big surprise that Spring/Summer fashion forecasts site skirts as a big trend, yet again.

When the weather gets warmer, it's a good time to ditch pantyhose and go with bare legs. If you're having problems wearing skirts because you're afraid of a short or flowing skirt accidentally showing too much, or you're nervous about thighs rubbing together in the warm weather - there are so many solutions for underneath skirts! Shorts, shapewear, slips and more can keep you feeling confident in a skirt of any length.

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Sheer and Peekaboo

Kimmay wearing sheer blouse
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears a sheer blouse from The Style Theory and a Calvin Klein bralette. Hurray Kimmay/Corinne Louie Photo

Who What Wear noted that "peekaboo" and sheer styles were all the rage on London Spring/Summer runways. From tulle dresses to gossamer blouses - it's so in style to go sheer. You can always wear a skin tone bra, panty, or slip underneath something sheer for an "invisible" look. Or, be a little daring and wear something to show.

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At the Lingerie Francaise "Lingerie Mon Amore" fashion show in Paris, January 2017. Becky Yee Photo

Bodysuits are not just for ballerinas! These popular undergarments are making a comeback from their heyday in the 1980s. Then, most bodysuits were either a lace teddy for the bedroom or a stretchy knit style to wear with jeans. Now, the options have opened up! Try a lace bodysuit with black pants for a stylish night out. Or, wear a knit style underneath a cut out top.

The best part about a bodysuit is that it keeps your shirt "tucked in" all day. That means you can move around, raise your arms, and travel without worrying that your shirt will pull out of your pants, or bunch. This is especially helpful for getting a seamless look at the waistband of your skirt or pants.

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Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder top Kimmay
Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell wears an off the shoulder top from The Style Theory with a strapless bra underneath. Hurray Kimmay/Corinne Louie

The popular off the shoulder trend is back! Soft billowy dresses with ruffles around the shoulders, or open shoulder knit tops - fashionistas couldn't get enough. So that means ​shoulder-baring is big again this Spring and Summer (and don't expect it to go anywhere this Fall). So what can you wear underneath a shoulder bearing top?

In order to keep bra straps from showing, wear a supportive strapless bra. There are comfortable options for petite busts, average busts, and even full busts over a DD. In fact, investing in a great strapless bra for this trend can keep you stylish and feeling your best in several other outfits! A basic strapless bra can be worn multiple ways - including as a halter, racerback, and even with decorative straps. Talk about getting your money's worth. And keep in mind that you can get a basic, smooth style in black or a neutral, or go all out and get something made with pretty lace or in a fun color. That way, you can wear it to show, with some of Spring's other cool trends.