What to Wear to a Day-After Wedding Brunch

Comfort and Style Rule the Day

Having a day-after wedding brunch is popular and fun! Since you'll still be the star of the show, you'll want to make sure you look your best, yet feel relaxed and happy. Here are some suggestions for the bride for her day-after wedding brunch.

A Colorful Easy Dress

comfortable dress

Of course, there's no rule saying you need to wear bridal white to your day-after wedding brunch. You can wear a dress similar to those you wore to your showers - a bright day-time dress that makes you feel beautiful. Look to classic brands like Diane Von Furstenberg and Carolina Herrera for that lady-like chic. This Kate Spade dress is effortless, and the wrap waist means it can adjust to the level of your wedding reception indulgence! The pretty print and flirty ruffles add feminine charm to what is an easy and relaxed dress.

A Comfortable White Dress

white dress

You'll still want to look like the bride, but comfort is invaluable. After a night of dancing and celebrating, the last thing you'll want is something constricting. And let's be honest: a loose waist is forgiving if the toasting and cake have left you a little bloated. This Maggy London Dress is casual, but still bridal white. It's appropriate for both an informal buffet and a more formal seated brunch. Plus, it would be a fun addition to most honeymoon wardrobes! I love a dress that can do double duty.

Rest Those Dancing Feet with Flats

white slipper

Sky-high heels are beautiful for your wedding day, but they can be hard on your hoofers. The next morning, you'll want to rest those barking dogs with these chic flats. A little bit of sparkle at the toe and heel make them fun, while the quilting keeps them soft. Choosing white means you can press them into service for the end of the reception, or the honeymoon as well.

Sexy and Comfy Lingerie

sexy lingerie

Of course, being comfortable means cute and comfortable undies as well! But we're not talking granny panties here; after the day-after brunch, you might want to continue the wedding night romance (*wink wink*). So go for a lingerie set that makes the girls look great, but isn't constricting or irritating. This DKNY bra and panty set has a balconette bra and cute lace trimmed undies. They're available in nude, which is great if you're worried about the sheerness of your dress. But I love them in blue - there's no reason you can't carry on the "something blue" tradition for an extra day!

Bride Undies

bride undies

You're only a new bride for so long, so you should revel in all the opportunities to remind your new spouse. These cheeky undies say "bride" in rhinestones, in an extra-comfortable hipster style. They're sexy for after the day-after brunch, while still being great for during the day-after brunch.

A Bag to Carry the Goods

white purse

You'll need a bag large enough to carry not only the standard goods like your wallet and makeup but also items like your camera and mementos. Some guests might also bring you wedding gifts of cards with money since they'll know the day-after is safer than the wedding itself. Justify purchasing a new fun bag by choosing one large and versatile enough to carry on your honeymoon and afterward. This Tory Burch bag is chic while still being timeless.