What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

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Select a Colorful Summer Dress

Beach Wedding
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You have accepted your invitation to a beach wedding and have purchased the dress. 

 Here are some fabulous accessory choices to go perfectly with the outfit you have selected for a daytime summer beach wedding.

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A Sun Hat

Beach Wedding
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A sun hat is an accessory that serves a purpose.  Consider one for a daytime beach wedding.  Some etiquette is required.  Make sure the hat isn't too tall and the brim isn't too wide as to not annoy the other guests during the ceremony. 

There are some great sun hats that offer fantastic SPF sun protection and if the beach wedding you are attending is a destination wedding, check out this easy way to pack a hat in a suitcase. 

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A Summery Clutch

Beach Wedding
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For a wedding you don't need to carry a big bag, just something to hold your lipstick, compact, your cell phone and some tissues.

 If you are wearing a solid colored dress, a printed clutch could be a fun addition.  If your dress is printed, you can choose a clutch in a color that works with the one of the colors in the dress or choose a metallic clutch as a no-fail option.  Find out why metallic accessories are so versatile

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Wear Flat Sandals

beach wedding
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Forget your heels.  If the ceremony is being held on a beach, you'll never be able to walk in them.  A pair of flat sandals is definitely the better option.  Sand and heels just don't mix. 

Certainly, if the reception is to be held indoors or on a hard surface, you can switch to heels. 

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Don't Forget Your Sunglasses

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rimless Shield Sunglasses
Marc by Marc Jacobs Rimless Shield Sunglasses. Courtesy of Nordstrom

If you are going to be out in the sun all day, you will need a pair of sunglasses. Most ceremonies happen at sunset or when the sun is highest in the sky making the ceremony very bright.  A pair of sunglasses will make being a guest at the wedding ceremony much easier.  Looking for the right sunglasses for your face shape?  Here are some tips for finding your right pair