The Best Shoes for Mini and Short Skirts

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The whole point to wearing a really short, or even a mini skirt is to show off your legs. But the wrong footwear choice can actually call attention to things you'd rather not emphasize. Below are a few of the best women's shoe styles to wear with shorter dresses and skirts, as well as a few styles you'll want to avoid.


If you're going super casual, flip flops or other flat sandals are a great look. If the skirt is simple, such as a denim mini, you can really perk up the look with a sandal that has beading, sequins or metallic detailing.


It's definitely a casual look, but sneakers can work well with a short skirt, like a denim mini. Avoid puffy, cross-trainers, and stick with a streamlined classic. For example, Keds would have a cute, somewhat preppy look, while Converse would add an edgy/urban twist.


Mini skirts are all about the legs, and there are few things on earth that emphasize one's legs more than a pair of wedge-heeled shoes. Espadrille, bohemian, strappy and woven styles all look great.


Due to the fact that they can add "heft," ballet flats and skimmers don't work very well with longer skirts. But with they can look great with short skirts. Look for a pretty, simple style (nothing too fussy), and pair it with a casual or semi-casual mini for a look that's all leg, and all feminine.

Tall Boots

Knee-high boots or boots that fall just below the knee have become a short-skirt staple, especially in cooler weather. Flat or heeled, and with or without tights, tall boots are an ideal match for shorter dresses and skirts, but the boots should be simple in design. Brown and black are especially good colors for this look, and they'll provide a lot of bang for the buck too, because you can wear them again and again, and with a variety of outfits.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are usually a rather delicate style of shoe, so they can work very well with short skirts. Thongs, slides, and strappy sandals with a small, low heel help accentuate the "leggy" look you hope for with mini dresses and skirts.

Shoes to Be Careful With

What we see on the runway isn't always the best look for real life or all body types. While some of the following shoes can look really hot when paired with mini skirts, many of us will need to proceed with caution.

  • Ankle Boots: Ankle boots can really do a number on some women's legs, making them seem bulkier and shorter than they actually are. Women with very thin legs might also struggle pulling off this look, as skinny calves could appear to be swimming inside of ankle boots. If you love your legs, give it a shot, otherwise, stick with a less risky option.
  • Stiletto Heels: Painful, yes; impractical, of course, but many still feel that stiletto heels make women's legs look sexier than any other type of shoes. So then, you'd think they'd be a natural with a mini skirt -- but they might not. Because of the extra sex appeal of stilettos, it could become "too much of a good thing" to pair them with a short skirt. If you have impeccable taste, do as you please. If you're the type that will worry that the look is cheap, then you might want to skip this combo.

Footwear to Avoid with Short Skirts

Unless you're an athlete, or it's part of some uniform you're being forced to wear, the following shoes are too bulky for most mini skirts.

  • Oxfords
  • Bulky Shoes
  • Cross-Trainers
  • Clogs
  • Socks

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