What to Wear for Figure Skating

How to Dress for Ice Skating

Figure Skaters Should Wear Certain Clothes for Practice
Figure Skaters Should Wear Certain Clothes for Practice. Photo by Trevor Williams / Taxi Japan Collection / Getty Images

Proper Skating Clothes Make Better Figure Skaters

Dressing properly for skating helps most figure skaters skate better. This short article gives information on how to dress for figure skating.

Look Nice and Neat

To dress properly for figure skating, a skater must look nice and neat. Don't come to the rink looking messy or sloppy.

Female Figure Skating Attire

Female figure skaters wear skating dresses and figure skating tights, but figure skating pants are also acceptable for practice.

Male Figure Skating Attire

Special figure skating pants should be worn by male skaters.

Stay Warm

Gloves and a nice sweater or jacket can be worn for practice.

Stay Away From Baggy Clothes

Don't wear baggy clothes. Loose fitting clothing just doesn't work for figure skating.


A figure skater's hair should be pulled back and be away from the face. Girls can put their hair in a ponytail or a bun, or keep it cut short. Decorations in the hair add a nice touch.

Color of Skates

Boys should wear black skates and girls should wear white or tan colored skates.

Boot Covers

Boot covers or over the boot figure skating tights are optional.

Where to Buy Figure Skating Clothes

Long ago figure skating clothes could not be bought at any store. All figure skating clothes were made by hand. The mothers of ice skaters learned how to sew. Today, figure skating attire can be bought online, at dance stores, and at skating rink pro shops.

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