ATV Repair Kit Materials

Couple on an overland adventure, looking at remote mountain view next to SUV, Alberta, Canada
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You never know when or where it will happen, but it does. A mechanical failure can make a good ATV trip go bad in a hurry if you're not prepared. Getting stranded on an All Terrain Vehicle should not be taken lightly, especially when you're far from camp or other help. Everyone should have some kind of ATV repair kit available, just in case.

The Longer the Ride, the Greater the Risk

If you're riding more than a few miles from camp, it can be difficult and unpleasant, if not dangerous when you break down. The basic needs don't take much room. Most or all of the items below will fit in a small backpack or Camel Back, tank bag, saddlebag, or fanny pack.

The following list is a good addition to the toolkit that should have come with your newly purchased ATV. This list should be combined with water, a tow strap, a tire repair kit, and a First Aid kit.

Have a look through some ATV repair kits to see common items that you might want to take with you on a ride and find out what you can do with them.

  • A compact tool kit designed for your ATV
  • A utility tool
  • Duct tape or electrical tape
  • WD-40
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Cable ties (a.k.a. zip ties)
  • A radio/flashlight/signal beacon*
  • A flint and steel or lighter or matches*
  • A compass
  • A knife
  • Cloth rags
  • Ziploc baggies

*Items above marked with an asterisk (*) are moisture-sensitive and should be kept inside the Ziploc baggies.

The Right Tool Kit

If you don't have a toolkit on your quad, you'll want to put one together that contains the basic wrenches your ATV requires, including a spark-plug wrench (deep socket), a Phillips-head and a flat-head screwdriver, a couple of Allen wrenches, and a pair of pliers.

Keeping just the most basic tools with your ATV can make the difference between inconvenient delays as you fix a leaking fuel line and a stressful, sometimes dangerous breakdown in the middle of nowhere.