What to Expect for Your First Kiss

Kissing feels great, but there's no magic involved or anything. You're still talking about lips and tongues and other people's spit. I'm not saying this to disappoint you—I just want to tamper down any expectations of birds singing and mist swirling around as soon as you lock lips.

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It'll Be a Little Awkward

Young couple kissing in back seat of car, side view
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No one's perfect at kissing the first time they try it. Don't worry, though. Your kissing partner will be nervous, too, even if it's not their first kiss. And if you both like each other, what happens during the first kiss won't matter; you'll still share lots more kisses in the future.

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It'll Be Wetter Than You Think

If your only kissing experience came from watching The Notebook, you've only ever seen and heard kisses before. Feeling a kiss, which can be wet and cold, might catch you off guard for the first time.

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You Won't Need as Much Tongue as You Think

Lips can do a lot on their own. In fact, of all the different kinds of kisses out there, some of the best kisses don't use any tongue at all.  You're better off trying out some of those first and holding your tongue till you've had a little more kissing experience.

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It'll Be Shorter Than You Think

Kisses don't go on and on forever like they do in the movies. In the real world, you have to come up for air. Kissing isn't a distance race; there's nothing wrong with a first kiss that's short, sweet and leaves them dying for more.

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You'll Panic About How You're Doing - But Don't

If negative thoughts come into your head, knock them right back out. Just clear your mind and go with the flow. Kisses aren't schoolwork, so don't overthink them! The best kisses come from the heart and not the brain.