What to Do After and In Between Waxing

Should you shave or nah?

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Waxing is a relatively long-lasting way to keep your body free of unwanted hair—you can usually go up to three weeks until the next appointment. But that doesn't mean there's zero maintenance required during the downtime.

Also, a waxing routine requires commitment—you need to be fine with living with a little bit of hair once it does start growing back in, and you should stick to waxing as your sole, regular method of hair removal, if possible.

But is it OK to shave after waxing? Here's the answer, along with a couple of tips that'll make waxing smoother.

Should You Shave After Waxing?

One of the inconvenient things about waxing is waiting for your hair to grow out again, since the process can only remove hairs that are at least a quarter-inch long.

It might be tempting to give up on a waxing routine and pick up a razor instead for instant gratification. This is totally fine—you can shave after a wax. However, this might put you back at square one because shaving leaves the hair with a blunt end, making it appear thicker and darker when it grows back. Waxing removes the entire hair from the follicle, so when it grows it comes back in its natural state (with a tapered edge).

Shaving also affects your individual hairs' growth cycles, which can lead to different lengths of hair and uneven results, even stubble, when waxing.

Weathering the growth period is definitely worth it—you might notice a difference in the texture and the amount of hair over time, so you could end up needing fewer waxing appointments in the future. If you find it impossible to wait for hair to grow, try sugaring paste; it can remove hair that's a bit shorter than a quarter-inch.

Exfoliate In Between Waxing Appointments

Regular body exfoliation is essential for maintaining smooth skin. A light buffing in between waxes helps keep the hair follicle free of dead skin cells so you're much less likely to develop pimples or ingrown hairs.
You can exfoliate with a sugar scrub like Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub ($38) about two to three times a week. Bliss Bump Attendant Pads ($22) use chemical exfoliants salicylic acid and glycolic acid, which are gentle, yet powerful enough to prevent and soothe irritation.


It might not cross your mind to moisturize down there, but you shouldn't skip it. Keeping skin hydrated makes it soft, supple, and healthy. Not to mention, it also alleviates the itchiness that tends to happen when the stubble starts coming in.

Fur Oil ($46) was made specifically for the bikini zone, as well as any other area that you might wax, such as the upper lip, legs and underarms. (Note: Do not to use any heavy or perfumed lotions the first couple of days after waxing, as these can clog your pores or cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.)

Wax On

Like any part of your beauty and personal care routine, waxing requires some maintenance and discipline. You'll get the smoothest results if you stick with it.