What to Bring to Prom

Stash these items in your clutch and your limo.

You’ve got your ticket, your date and your limo all set… but what else do you need to bring to prom? Be prepared for anything and everything that could happen with these checklists.

What to Bring to Prom: In Your Clutch
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A tiny mirror.

Perfect for checking to see if you have food in your teeth or if your gloss needs re-touching.

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Breathe-freshening strips.

Breathe strips are super compact, flat and won’t take up much room in your bag. Make sure you’re minty-fresh while you’re slow-dancing… you might have to lean in for a dance floor lip lock!

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Mini lipgloss & powder.

Check department store makeup counters for sample-size glosses and powders that will be easy to tuck into your bag. Hit up Sephora for mini lip balms.

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A couple safety pins.

If your strap snaps or a rosette tumbles off your dress, you’ll be able to fix it instantly.

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A few bobby pins and a hair tie.

Your ‘do will likely be sprayed with a generous dose of hairspray, but after hours of dancing and an after-party, it might need some extra help. Bobby pins can tame out-of-place locks and a hair tie can change up your style entirely.

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Fold-up flats.

If your feet just can't take any more shoe stress, slip on a pair of fold-up flats. I recommend Dr. Scholl's For Her Fast Foldable Flats. They're small, lightweight and totally portable.

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Three Band-aids.

If your fancy shoes are cutting into your feet, slap on a Band-aid to prevent further discomfort.

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Two condoms.

Even if you haven’t decided if you want to have sex on prom night, it’s better to be prepared. Bring an extra condom just in case a friend needs one.

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Your cell… with the number of a local cab company plugged in.

If you get stuck at a party and want to leave or if your date gets too drunk to drive, call a local cab company to pick you up. Sure, you can always call a family member, but it never hurts to have a back-up number.

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Emergency cash and/or a credit card.

This will come in handy if you have to call that cab! A credit card is more compact, but if you don't have one, opt for a $20 bill.

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A camera!

Moments captured at dinner and on the dance floor will be just as exciting as your posed pre-prom photos.

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What to Bring to Prom: In Your Limo or Car

Some things just won't fit into your clutch... but you'll be glad you stashed them in your limo and your car!

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After prom attire.

When prom is over, you might want to slip into a more casual dress or go all-out comfy in sweats and a cute tank. Stash a bag with socks, comfier shoes, and your after-prom attire in your vehicle.

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Bottles of water… with straws.

You'll want to stay hydrated before and after prom... after all, you may be working up a sweat on the dance floor! Bring a few straws for you and your friends so you won't smudge your lipstick or gloss.

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After-prom snacks.

Save these for your ride home. Load up on your favorite candy, chips and snacks to feed your appetite after you've burned off your prom dinner on the dance floor.

What NOT to Bring to Prom
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Don't bring drugs and alcohol.

Trust me, you don’t need to be on drugs or drunk to enjoy your prom. You’ll be surrounded by your friends, music will be playing all night, and it’ll be one big party. Enjoying the night sober will ensure that you don’t make any rash decisions like having unprotected sex with your prom date (or someone else’s prom date!) or driving under the influence and putting yourself and your friends’ lives in danger.

Being drunk can make your cheeks look red, your eyes look droopy and your breath stink. Doing drugs can seriously impair your judgement, influence the way you walk and talk, and make your eyes either really big or really small. There will be tons of photos taken on prom night… you spent hours on your hair and makeup and picked the perfect dress, so try not to ruin your look by getting messed up. Accessorizing your dress with vomit stains is never cute!

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