What Style of Tattoos Do Men Find Attractive on Women?

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Are you wondering what style of tattoos men like on women? The answer varies considerably. For starters, not all men like tattoos, especially on women.

If you're hoping a new tattoo will score you a new man you are making a great big mistake. Any body art you decide on should be for you. It should be a tattoo that you are comfortable with that you can relate to and hopefully one that bears some sort of personal significance.

With that said there are certain tattoo styles and designs that many men appreciate seeing on women and we'll cover them below.

In addition to tattoo designs and styles don't forget the importance of placement. Tattoos on the ribs, lower back and thighs are always sexy. Men can also be turned on by a spine tattoo that scrolls down your back with a secret message or symbol.

While the following suggestions can be deemed "girly" don't let that scare you off... a lot of men secretly love when girls act and dress like girls.

You don't have to be tough or wear a design that you think the boys would like. You don't have to act edgier than you are. Just be you and be proud of your womanhood. It's super sexy to be a lady so just rock your feminine whiles, lipstick and all!

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Tattoo of roses
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Not much to argue about a beautiful rose worn as body art. Whether you opt for a traditional red rose in an Old School design or opt for an artful black and grey bloom, roses are romantic, symbolic and feminine even in their tattooed form.

Roses also make beautiful memorial tattoos whether for a loved one or for your mother, so you can wear this floral symbol of love with confidence.

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Stars are one of the most popular female tattoo designs. They can be represented in a Nautical star design, in an array of starbursts, or paired with the moon to create a mystical and celestial tattoo design. Stars aren't tough by any means, but they're plenty interesting. After all, they're the brightest things shining in the night sky.

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Woman with tattoo
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With their sexual connotations, cherry tattoos need little convincing with the men. If you are ripe for the picking and flirty at that you may decide a pair of cherries looks super cute on you.

Often tattooed on the collarbones, hips and ankles, these small fruits are adorable and can help you achieve that sweet doll look.

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Portrait of a dragon. Also, a tattoo of a dragon.
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Men love fiery dragons so it's no wonder they dig chicks who have dragon tattoos. Mythical, magical, powerful and charismatic, the dragon captures the essence of magnificence. Whether you opt for a Chinese dragon to celebrate your birth year or go with a Japanese style, you'll be breathing sex appeal with this tattoo design.

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chinese character love tattoo
Tattooed at Ronnie's Tattoo at Ayala Center Cebu. Christine T.

 It's true, men like a little mystery. Sure you can wear your heart on your sleeve, a garter on your thigh, a sun on your hip and a sci-fi design, but many men enjoy reading your body like a book and don't really want to learn everything about you all at once.

Add some mystery to your body art with unique symbols, glyphs and even Chinese or Arabic character tattoos. They'll never go out of style and their meaning is not so transparent. Leave him guessing and when you feel it's time for the big reveal you can explain the hidden meaning behind your tattoos. It makes for perfect pillow talk!