What Is 'WRT'? What Does WRT Mean?

A fancy way of saying 'regarding'

WRT Stands for: With Respect To

Unlike many internet-focused acronyms and initialisms, WRT is entirely at home in professional settings. In fact, executives use the term frequently in email subject lines or the bodies of precise messages.

WRT is internet shorthand for saying, "I want to respond to a specific point made earlier in this conversation." WRT is ideal for steering a conversation in the direction you wish to take it.

You may also see the same idea reduced to w/r/t or just r/t.

Illustration of a phone screen with "WRT the docs, there's an issue."
Grace Kim / Lifewire 

Example of WRT in Use

In this made-up email exchange between Sheldon and Kristina, Sheldon returns to a camera question that the two had discussed earlier:

(Kristina) I'm just concerned about the weight of all the gear I'll be taking into the field on my hike next weekend.

(Sheldon) WRT digital SLR cameras — I think that it's a good idea to own both an SLR and a pocket camera. Keep the SLR locked in the car, and carry the pocket camera in your jacket while you're on your hike. You'll save on weight!

(Kristina) That's a good suggestion, considering that pocket cameras are only a hundred bucks and much lighter these days.

Expressions Similar to WRT

WRT is related to several other standard internet abbreviations, each of which attempts to pivot the discussion in some way:

  • IMHO: In my humble opinion
  • YMMV: Your mileage may vary
  • OTOH: On the other hand