Everything You Need to Know About the Hollywood Bikini Wax Style

In a word, it means bare

woman wrapped in towel
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You probably have been hearing a lot about a style of bikini wax called the Hollywood. It's trendy. It's regarded as something that requires a certain amount of nerve to get. But you might not be totally clear on the differences between it and a Brazilian or bikini line wax. Salons and spas often have different names for the same type of bikini wax. Even if you get your nether regions frequently waxed, the place you visit might not call it a Hollywood.

The Basics of the Bikini Wax

A regular bikini wax, also called an American wax, simply removes the hair outside what would be considered a basic underwear line. It's basically just a clean-up wax. From there, the styles start taking more hair, going deeper into that line and on top of the natural triangle shape with what's considered a full bikini wax. Then there are those that are more invasive like the Brazilian and French, also called the landing strip. Even these often leave some amount of hair in the front or by the backside. 

Defining the Hollywood

The Hollywood wax can be defined in one word: bald. It removes all of the hair in your bikini zone ... and more. Yes, that means everything. Every last hair is waxed away from the front, in the middle, all the way to the back by your bum. To sum it up, you won’t have any genital hair left when this is done.

Where It Came From

It's unknown how this totally bare style came to be called "Hollywood." Not all salons will use the term, and the tech will probably know what you mean if you ask for one, but some call it a Sphinx.

A Brazilian often leaves a small shape like a square, rectangle, or landing strip in the front. A Brazilian does remove hair from the middle and the backside. Not leaving any shape in the front would make this wax just like the Hollywood, which is why some salons call it a Full Brazilian.

Where to Get One

Because it’s a specialty bikini wax, you shouldn’t leave it to anyone just because they are licensed.

Bruising, becoming overly red and inflamed, and even skin being removed are all possibilities that can occur if the technician doesn't know exactly what she is doing with this style of wax.

Finding a tech that's experienced and crafty is important for any type of wax, but it becomes more important when working in the bikini zone. Because the Hollywood wax includes the removal of all genital hair and working on extremely delicate areas, who you choose becomes crucial to getting a good and safe service. 

Ask around for referrals and check online for reviews. A good place to start is waxing-only salons for obvious reasons—that's their specialty. When you find a highly recommended salon or spa, it's a good idea to get a brow, lip, or underarm wax first before trusting them with your bikini zone. 

What to Expect

Waxing all of this area can be hard to reach. While the tech will try to keep you covered as possible, at times, you might be exposed from the waist down. Depending on the tech, you'll probably be asked to lift your legs and possibly get on your knees so they can reach every nook and cranny. You might even be asked to help and hold part of your skin once in a while. True professionals will make you feel relaxed, work quickly, and keep you as comfortable as possible during the process.