What is Vajazzling?

The ultimate beauty bling for your most private girl parts

Woman lying on treatment table having leg wax
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 "Vajazzling" or "vagazzling" is a trend in the below-the-belt beauty scene.

Jennifer Love Hewitt introduced vajazzling in January 2010 to George Lopez on his show "Lopez Tonight." A new trend was quickly born. The practice involves placing a pattern of Swarovski crystals on freshly waxed skin on the pubic bone area above the vagina. You can get "vajazzled" at several waxing salons across the country and you can even vajazzle yourself with a vajazzling kit.

Where the vajazzling trend started

"After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski-crystalled my, um, precious lady,” Jennifer Love-Hewitt told George Lopez. “And it shined like a disco ball.” (Watch the clip on YouTube).

Love-Hewitt devotes an entire chapter to vajazzling in her book, The Day I Shot Cupid: The Smart Girl's Guide to Dating.

The trend has since been picked up all over the media and was even mentioned on an episode of the TV show "The Doctors." Ob/gyn Lisa Masterson described it as a safe alternative to piercing. Blogger Bryce Gruber of theluxuryspot.com allowed cameras in to film her vajazzling session at Completely Bare Salon in NYC.

How it works

Many salons across the country now offer vajazzling. Typically, vajazzling is preceded by a Brazilian wax.

The crystals come in stick-on patterns and are applied on skin in the pubic region, above the vagina. There are dozens of pattern options and the process is quite artistic (Gruber describes her vajazzling in detail on her blog post, I Got Vajazzled (and had a camera crew).

Watch Gruber's vajazzling video (don't worry, all private bits are covered).

Do-it-yourself vajazzling? Why not?

You can apply stick-on crystal tattoos to your own lady bits. Simply wax or shave the area first, then apply a stick-on of your choice. Completely Bare Salon in Manhattan offers several pattern options including dollar signs, hearts, starbursts, the word "sexy," and a fleur di lis (see Completely Bare's "vajewels").

You can also look for crystal tattoos from specialty stores.

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