What is Unconditional Love?

unconditional love in marriage
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Definition: Unconditional love in marriage refers to a love that has no demands, no limits, no expectations, no requirements, no boundaries, no thoughts of reciprocation, and no conditions. Unconditional love is not affected by reality or harmful behaviors.

Also Known As: complete love, unilateral love, real love, ideal love, true love, alturism

"Unconditional love means love without condition, yes? Love without requirements, free of oaths and contracts, expectations and attachments. Love that is offered without the anticipation of getting something in return. Love that does not need to be coddled or catered to, in order for it to flow. Love given free of contingencies or qualifications. A love impervious to approval or disapproval." by Elizabeth Reninger


For some, a belief in unconditional love within a romantic relationship can trap them in abusive situations and damage one's emotional well-being. For example, it can play to the illogical belief that if one loves unconditionally, he or she should stay in a relationship even if being mistreated. 

"If love is given completely without any conditions attached, then forgiveness for any and all transgressions or slights can be reasonably expected — at all times, and without question. By this definition, you are in effect saying you will be willing to tolerate whatever comes along — good or bad — because you love the person, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy the relationship is for either partner." by Kimberly Dawn Neumann in "Is Unconditional Love Healthy?" (match.com)

For many, in real life, unconditional love is rare and is considered an idealized love. Many think it is reasonable to have a mature and deep love for your spouse that has conditions.

Most individuals have a line that if crossed is a deal breaker in their marriage. 

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