What is the Simpsons' address?

The Simpson Family and Their House
The Simpson Family and Their House. FOX

What is the Simpsons' home address? That's a great piece of trivia. Our favorite family's address is mentioned several times, or is shown on Homer's driver's license. Let's take a look not only at the Simpsons' address, but also at anything related to their home.

Simpsons' Address

The address is always Evergreen Terrace on The Simpsons, though the street number has been different a few times. 742 Evergreen Terrace has been used most often and most recently.

Simpson House Trivia

- In "Hurricane Neddy", Lisa's bedroom faces the back yard when she tells Homer a hurricane is coming. But in "Lisa's Sax," it faces the front when the saxophone flies out into the street, where it gets run over by cars.

- In most aerial shots of the house, we only see two trees. In "Bart the Daredevil," a third tree appears to help hold up Homer's hammock.

- Sometimes items from other episodes show up in the basement, like Homer's Santa Claus suit and Bart's soapbox racer.

- The only time we see a staircase in the garage is in "Itchy and Scratchy and Marge" when Maggie hits Homer over the head with a mallet.

- The kitchen curtains have a corn cob pattern.

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The Simpson House Contest

In 1998, one lucky fan won a replica of the Simpson house from The Simpsons animated series. Barbara Howard, a 63-year-old Kentucky great-grandmother,won the top prize in a Simpsons House Giveaway.

The four-bedroom house, located in Henderson, Nevada the Simpson family's house. The house is painted in twenty-five bright colors, including Power Orange and Generator Green. The details are spot on, down to Marge's corncob kitchen curtains and Lisa's yellow saxophone. The 2,200-square-foot cartoon house boasts an oil stain on the driveway, a mystery door under the stairs, and even a mouse hole next to the couch in the living room.

According to a press release, the builders, the Kaufman and Broad Home Corporation, who sponsored the contest along with FOX and Pepsi, chose the outskirts of Las Vegas because the city already has the most cartoon-ish skyline on the planet. The company renamed the community of 156 homes Springfield in honor of the brightest house in the neighborhood.

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The house was open for public tours for 22 days over six weeks. Fans from as far away as Belgium stopped by for the 15-minute tour. According to Howard, one visitor took an empty can of Duff beer from the living room floor but felt so guilty he left it in a closet in Maggie's room upstairs.

When they originally called Howard to tell her she had one (she only sent in one game piece), her husband hung up on them -- twice.

Although her 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren wanted her to keep the house exactly as it is, Howard wasn't sure whether she'd move in and redecorate the place or sell it altogether. (One Simpsons fan reportedly offered Kaufman and Broad a half million dollars before the house was even finished.)

However, the outside was to be painted beige to match the other homes in the development.

The Simpson House Floor Plans

The basement holds many things, including a hot water heater, washer and drying and assorted boxes everywhere. In "Some Enchanted Evening", Bart climbed a cupboard at the bottom of the stairway in attempting to subdue Ms. Botz with a bowling ball. Sometimes various props from old episodes appear, like Homer's Santa Claus suit and Bart's soapbox racer.

The first floor has a play room, kitchen, family room, side hall, front hall, dining room, living room and garage.

The second floor has Lisa's room, Bart's room, a bathroom, Homer and Marge's room and Maggie's room.

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