What Is The Ashley Madison Affair Guarantee?

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Ashley Madison is a well-known dating site that caters to married people looking for an affair, and the single folks who don't mind dating or having sex with folks cheating on their partners.

Ashley Madison offers an 'affair guarantee' package, where members can purchase 1000 credits for $249 USD and if they aren't satisfied after three months, can apply for a refund. However, getting a refund for the affair guarantee package isn't as easy as it seems, and members must fulfill a whole list of requirements before applying. Read through them carefully before purchase, as you'll have to do a fair amount of work to ensure you get your money back if you don't find someone suitable through Ashley Madison.

Requirement #1: Follow the Terms of Use

The Terms of Use aren't unique or challenging, but they deserve a good read through nonetheless. Things such as being under the age of majority, defaming or harassing other members and/or Ashley Madison staff, or using the site for commercial purposes all void the affair guarantee immediately.

Requirement #2: Pay Up

It might seem a bit silly to ask for a refund if you haven't paid for the full service (1000 credits, or $249 USD), but some folks do try to ask for their money back when they haven't purchased the right program, or have only paid a portion of the fees.

Requirement #3: Create a Profile

You have to create a profile, upload a photo, and have the whole enchilada ok'd by Ashley Madison staff within 30 days of signing up. As well, your profile must be visible to all members for the entire three months to be eligible for the affair guarantee.

Requirement #4: Send Emails

This is where things get a bit tricky. You'll have to send a minimum of 18 "qualifying" priority mail messages to either members that you haven't interacted with before, or priority mail reply to members who contact you first. Only emails work for this requirement, not winks within Ashley Madison or emails sent on your own private email account.

Requirement #5: Send Gifts

Pretty simple this one: you have to send at least five gifts to other members every month.

Guarantee Requirement #6: Chat

Using Ashley Madison's chat program, you must chat with other members for at least an hour, or 60 minutes, every month.

If you've followed all of these rules and still haven't met anyone through Ashley Madison after three months or 120 days, you can apply for a refund. The staff will check your account to ensure you've followed all the affair guarantee rules and requirements, and may ask you a few questions about the process before issuing your money back.