What Is the Address of Augusta National Golf Club?

Caddie walking across Magnolia Lane that leads to Augusta National Golf Club
Magnolia Lane leads from the Augusta National Golf Club entrance off Washington Road to the clubhouse. Harry How/Getty Images

Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters Tournament, is - as every golfer and golf fan knows - in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is in the northeast corner of Georgia, just across the state line from South Carolina, and is located along Interstate 20 between Atlanta and Columbia, South Carolina. Augusta is west of Charleston, S.C., and northwest of Savannah, Ga.

Physical Address of Augusta National Golf Club

The street address of Augusta National is:

2604 Washington Road
Augusta, Georgia 30904-5902

Google Maps is a good way to get a sense of where, within Augusta, Ga., the club is located. Check out the Google Maps view of Augusta National's address, or take a look at the Google Satellite view of Augusta National's address. (The satellite view is particularly fun because it allows you to zoom in on the golf club and view the Augusta National golf course from above.)

Washington Road is one of the main thoroughfares through the city of Augusta, running mostly east-west through town, and east of the golf club it parallels the Savannah River for a stretch. And that road is a​ very incongruous sight for many first-time visitors to the city: It's a typical city thoroughfare, meaning packed with fast food places, strip shopping centers, pawn shops and the like.

You might expect some other type of road to lead you to Augusta National, or for Augusta National to have a different kind of setting. Of course, once a person is lucky enough to turn into the Augusta National property, the traffic and bustle and blight of Washington Road disappears.

Rae's Creek runs along the southern edge of the Augusta National property, and just on the other side of that famous small waterway is another golf course, the Augusta Country Club.

For more on the setting of the famous club, see Getting to Augusta, Ga., and The Masters.

Website Address of Augusta National

The Augusta National Web site address is Masters.com (http://www.masters.com). It's a fantastic website, too, with tons of information about the golf course; info for fans planning to attend The Masters; history and statistics from the tournament.

Contacting Augusta National

If you are interested in contacting the club with general questions, use the online contact form posted on Masters.com. It requires the user to enter his or her first and last names and email address (for a possible reply), plus provides a field in which to pose a question.