What is Pansexuality?

Pansexuals feel they can be attracted to people across the spectrum of experience. Image (c) barto

Question: What is Pansexuality?


Pansexuality (sometimes called omnisexuality or polisexuality) refers to feeling attraction to people regardless of their gender identities, sex or sexual orientation.

"I am pansexual, or omnisexual. When people ask what that means I simply Tell them, I'm attracted to People for WHO they Are. Not WHAT they Are.
So basically, I believe that love truly is blind. The problem that I have though, is that when most people learn what pansexuality is, they end up calling me names like whore, slut, loose, easy, and other things of that nature.
In the beginning, I simply assumed that they just didn't understand me. But then it kept getting worse and worse to where people would come up and ask me things like, Are you having these massive orgies every night? and What would God think about what you're doing??
I'm an atheist, so the religious guilt trip has never worked. But the other comments from people who think that I'm just some easy piece are not helping my reputation."

Sadly, we live in a world where it is really common to condemn people for their expressions of sexuality.

Like bisexuals who are often assumed to be promiscuous and indiscriminate in their choice of sex partners, people are now hoisting those stereotypes on those who identify as pansexual. In part, that is because a lot of people focus more on the "sex" in sexual orientation, than they do on the orientation.

The slut label has long been used as a tool of control used to prevent people from exploring sexuality in a way that makes the mainstream uncomfortable.

Hopefully, this name calling won't get in the way of what sounds like your healthy understanding of who you are!

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