What is Bind-N-Fly?

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Question: What is Bind-N-Fly?

Bind-N-FlyTM or BNF is a Horizon Hobby trademark for a specific kind of Ready-to-Fly (RTF) RC aircraft that uses crystal-free DSM radio technology.

Answer: Ready-to-Fly RC airplanes and helicopters come complete with everything you need to start flying including a complete radio system (receiver and transmitter). But with the Bind-N-Fly you get the aircraft with a receiver but without the transmitter. However, Bind-N-Fly aircraft use DSM radio technology which makes a difference in what kind of transmitter you need to get.

Explained more fully in this FAQ: "What are DSM RC Controllers and Receivers and What Do They Do?" DSM is, simply put, a digital technology that doesn't use radio crystals eliminates crosstalk or radio interference, and allows for a variety of other useful features.

The Bind in Bind-N-Fly

In order to use DSM in an RC, there is a process called binding where the DSM receiver locks into the transmitter code of the DSM transmitter. That binding process is where Bind-N-Fly gets its name. The Bind-N-Fly RC aircraft contain DSM2 receivers (DSM2 is an improved DSM technology from Spektrum). To use the RC you take any compatible DSM/DSM2 transmitter you may already own or any compatible DSM/DSM2 transmitter you wish to purchase and bind it with the built-in DSM2 receiver in the Bind-N-Fly RC aircraft.

To learn more about BNF (from the Horizon Hobby Bind-N-Fly Web site):

  • What does Bind-N-Fly mean to you?
  • What transmitters are compatible with Bind-N-Fly?

Buy Bind-N-Fly RC Aircraft

One of the advantages of BNF is that you only have to pay for the RC and then use your favorite DSM transmitter with all your BNF aircraft. It saves money.

Several Horizon Hobby brands -- E-flite, Hangar 9, ParkZone -- currently available in RTF versions with DSM2 radio technology will be coming out in BNF versions. Some are already available.

  • ParkZone Vapor Bind-N-Fly RC Airplane
    The first of the Bind-N-Fly line, the Vapor is a little airplane that is slow enough and small enough for indoor flight. The BNF version of the Vapor is about $30 less than the RTF version with a DSM2 radio system.
    Other RTF Airplanes with DSM technology are slated for BNF versions.
    • ParkZone F4U Corsair RTF Airplane
    • E-flite Apprentice 15e RTF Airplane 
    • E-flite T-34 Mentor 25e PTS RTF
    • Hangar 9 Alpha 40 DSM2 RTF
  • E-flite Blade Micro CX BNF Elec Coaxial Ultra-Micro Heli
    This tiny (we're talking 1 oz with battery, 7.9" long by 4.7" tall) version of the Blade CX/CX2 is an indoor RC helicopter designed for both first-time and experienced pilots. If you already have the Blade CX2 you can use its LP5DSM transmitter. Or use another compatible DSM2 transmitter.
    Several E-flite RTF Helicopters with DSM2 radio systems will have BNF versions available soon.
    • Blade CP Pro 2 RTF
    • Blade 400 3D RTF
    • Blade CX2 RTF