Create Your Own Business E-Mail Template

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An email template is a preformatted and/or prewritten email that you can use to replace with your own content so that you can quickly and easily write and create emails.

Benefits of an Email Template

Why should you use an email template? Using email templates allow you to quickly and easily create, write, and send emails without having to start from scratch or starting at a blank screen. Some primary benefits of using an email template include:

Save Time: Using an email template can help you save a lot of time when both creating and writing emails.
If you are sending emails that have a lot of graphical elements and rely on complex HTML code the using an email template can save you a lot of time in the creation of the email. Rather than having to recreate the email from scratch each time, you can simply load your email template then replace the content of the email with your new content.
You can also use an email template as it relates to the actual content of the email. Rather than having to decide what you will write about, what the various sections of your email will include, etc., you can simply load up your content based email template and replace the content with new content.

Consistency: Another issue with creating a new email from scratch each time you send an email (other than the time involved) is the consistency of it.
By using an email template, you can ensure that the email will have the same look and feel to it each time and you don't accidentally make a mistake with the formatting or leave out a regular section of your email newsletter.

Brand Consistency

If you utilize the same template each time you send an email, you'll begin to develop brand consistency with your emails and across all of your marketing channels; including your website, social media, etc.

It is especially true if you use a lot of graphics and logos in your marketing to maintain brand consistency and awareness.

Create a Business Email Template

There are many ways to find and/or create email templates to use in your email marketing efforts.

  • Create Your Own
    • The first option is to create your own email templates, either by hand or by using a WYSIWYG program.
    • If you are good at HTML coding and graphic design, then this is the route you'd probably go with.
  • Outsource
    • If you don't have HTML and graphic design skills (or just don't want to spend time creating your own email templates), then you can hire someone to create an email template for you.
    • There are plenty of outsourcing sites that offer graphic design and web coding services from three sources.
  • Use a Template From Your Service Provider
    • A final option is to use the email templates already provided by your email service provider.
    • Most reputable email service providers offer a huge library of predefined email templates across different industries and different styles and formats.

You could always use an email template provided by your email service provider then make some minor tweaks to it to get the exact look and feel you want for your emails.

When to Use a Template

An email template can be used when sending your daily messages to clients, suppliers, and friends. But the most common application is when sending an email newsletter - primarily in email marketing. The template creates a consistent feel to your weekly or monthly mailings, thus helping your mailing list get used to receiving your marketing.

When sending marketing emails to your email list, it is best to use an email autoresponder service, such as AWeber, to maintain your email list and handle the delivery of your emails.