What Is an Adoption Search Angel?

Many have been separated from adoption and foster care. Due to closed adoptions and closed record laws that prevent people from discovering their birth family heritage, many struggle in their search for answers. But, there are some wonderful people out there - we call them - Adoption Search Angels. Adoption Search Angles volunteer their time and talents to help families touched by adoption.

Some quick points on what it means to be an adoption search angel.

  • They seek answers for a birth mother or an adoptee reaching out to birth parents.
  • Adoption Search Angels explore registries trying to help an adoptee find answers and roots.
  • Adoption Search Angels are people just like you. People who want to give a little peace to families with questions.
  • There are many sites on the Internet listing the services of Adoption Search Angels. Some are listed by state; others are geared for a specific purpose such as needed emergency medical information for chronically ill adoptees or birth families.
  • To request assistance from our Adoption Search Angels please see the following step-by-step guide to getting started with an About Adoption Search Angel.

Please remember the following statement of safety when contacting strangers with personal information:

Disclaimer: Please remember, I do not vouch for these volunteers, so please proceed with caution.

Together we can find answers, with a little help from some Angels.

The Seeker