What is a Snood Scarf?

As if there aren't enough scarf types out there, like infinity and blanket scarves, there is another style trending that you have probably heard of. It's called a snood scarf. What is a snood?, you ask, and why should you consider owning one?

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What is a Snood Scarf?

Snood scarf
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy.com

For such a simple word, snood has quite a few meanings. In terms of fashion trends, a snood is basically a tubular scarf, like a large cowl. It differs from an infinity scarf in that it sits higher on the neck and can often act like a hood, whereas an infinity scarf is more of a looped scarf that can sit around the neck. So while an infinity scarf could technically act like a snood, and a snood like an infinity scarf, there are some subtle differences.

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History of the Snood

Hair snood
Women wearing snoods in their hair. George Marks/ Retrofile/ Getty Images

Basically, snood means hairnet. If you watch some old black-and-white photos, movies or look at fashionable vintage ads, you may have seen women wearing snoods. Snoods were seen as more stylish than a hairnet in terms of pulling the hair away from the face. They were quite popular during the World War II era with women entering the workforce.

However, snoods don't necessarily have to be made of net. Basically, a snood is anything that holds the hair back and in place.

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Snoods for Religious Observances

Hill Street Studios/ Blend Images/ Getty Images

Snoods are also worn by women for religious reasons. In fact, you could consider a Muslim hijab a snood as well as a nun habit, too. Despite the fact that snoods weren't designed to cover the front part of the head and hair, many religious head coverings that do so have been referred to as snoods. Typically, these types of snoods are more understated and less ornate.

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Snoods for Men

Beard Snood
Courtesy of LionHaircare.co.uk

Believe it or not, there are even snoods for men, which are called beard snoods and designed for hygienic reasons to keep hair covered, just like a hairnet.

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The Snood Trend

Snood Scarf
Courtesy of Banana Republic

So when you hear that snoods are trendy again, don't go out and buy a hairnet or, God forbid, a beard snood. You want to look for tubular looking scarves resembling a turtleneck collar.

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How to Wear a Snood

How to wear a snood scarf
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Snoods are excellent for warmth and, if this winter is as cold as last winter, will be important for you to own. The reason this type of neck scarf falls into the snood category is because it not only protects the neck but also keeps the hair protected from inclement weather, as you can pull a snood over your head and wear it as a hood.

What is Old Becomes New

Accessories are great ways to give fresh updates to what has been hanging in your closet for some time. If you live in a cold area and need extra warmth, check out the snood scarf to add a layer of protection to your body and to make a fashionable statement.