What Is a Sex Coach?

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A sex coach is similar to a life coach, but instead of helping you with work or stress or exercise, a sex coach focuses on helping you meet your goals in your sex life.

Sex coach is a relatively new term in the world of sexuality helping professionals. In her book The Art of Sex Coaching Patti Britton says she first coined the term to describe a practice which blended her work as a sex educator and a personal life coach.


While there are no standards to what a sex coach is, the job fills a space betweeen sex educators and therapists on the one hand and sexual surrogates and sex workers on the other. 

What Does a Sex Coach Do?

It is such a new practice and there are no regulations on what being a sex coach is. Many people who advertise themselves as sex coaches have no training in counseling or psychotherapy. Some are sex educators, others highlight their credentials as people who have explored their own sexuality and enjoy helping others do the same.

Some sex coaches do have both formal training in sexology and professional affiliations. If you're considering employing a sex coach it is important to find out what their credentials are and if they belong to any professional organization that you can turn to if you find their actions unethical or problematic.

As it is currently talked about there are several differences (aside from formal education and training) between a sex coach and a sex therapist.

A sex coach will likely be more directive from the beginning and may use a language of empowerment that is more akin to life coaches (so things aren't problems, they are opportunities).

A sex coach will talk to you about what you want from your sex life and will probably expand that conversation to include your experience of gender and sexuality outside of sexual activities and romantic relationships.

They may make specific suggestions, like incorporating sex toys, written erotica, or pornography into your sexual explorations.  Depending on your goals, some sex coaches might have your masturbate while they are present, in order to provide feedback.  But this isn't an essential part of the work (although it is a significant difference between a coach and a therapist, as sex therapists would never be present while you are engaging in sexual activity of any kind.

Unlike traditional sex therapy, sex coaching is often done by telephone session.

What Training Do Sex Coaches Receive?

Sex coaching is so new, and it isn't connected with one particular profession (e.g. physiotherapist or psychotherapist) that there are no real standards for training.  There are a few private programs that offer coach training.  Two examples (shared not as recommendations but as places to start a search) are Patti Britton's Sex Coach U and the OneTaste Coaching Program.

While the job may have arisen from the world of life coaching it seems as if very few sex coaches have training and certification as life coaches.  If you are considering working with a sex coach it would be good to ask them specific questions about what training they received, where it took place, and if they engage in ongoing training.