What Is a Pubic Hair Landing Strip?

And How to Get One Waxing or Shaving

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Question: What Is a Pubic Hair Landing Strip?

Answer: Basically it's where the hair on the pubic mons (the area above your clitoris up to the ​top hair line), or for men, the pubic hair above the penis, is trimmed into a narrow vertical strip and all other pubic hair is removed. It looks like a landing strip of hair, hence the name.

Getting the Right Size

There are different sizes in width and length.

I wouldn't rely too much on size in numbers of inches or centimeters because unless your esthetician is equipped with a measuring tape, they will almost never get it right. I like to give examples like finger widths or simply look in a mirror and point to the length I want the strip. Remember start out bigger than what you think. Taking hair away is easier than stressing about getting it back!

Why Leave a Pubic Hair Landing Strip?

Women and men get waxed and some like leaving some hair rather than removing all of it. For some, getting rid of all the hair is too child-like but having a lot of hair is not what they want either. So the landing strip is the best choice because a little hair in a neatly trimmed shaped is just the right balance. You can also vary the landing strip and create a different shape- like a triangle, heart or even a star. (See more about bikini waxing designs.)

Getting a Professional Wax

Salons call different types of bikini waxes by various names (learn more about bikini wax styles).

You can use these as a general guide. Really, you just need to explain to the esthetician exactly what you want. You do not have to give them a specific name of a style.

You can tell them that you want a small landing strip or a triangle of hair and the esthetician will know about how long it will take.

Each service is timed differently so if you explain what you want, they can block out time the right amount of time for your appointment. Of course, the price will usually go up as more hair is removed and more minutes are involved- like creating a certain shape.

Remember to go to a licensed esthetician. Ask questions and do not be afraid to tell him or her exactly what you want. It is your hair on your body. You need to be happy with your service. So remember communication is key throughout the service.

DIY: Shaving at Home

You can also give yourself a landing strip of hair at home by using a razor, but of course, it won't last as long as a wax. Shaving removes hair at skin's level, whereas waxing uplifts hair from the follicle. You'll have to shave almost every day to keep a clean landing strip line, as opposed to waxing which will last weeks at a time.

When shaving simply remove a little bit of hair at a time until you have the desired size to keep the edges straight. There are templates on the market to use with razors if you don't have a steady hand or are aiming for perfection (see pubic hair stencils).

You can also use an old pair of underwear to create straight lines. Here's how: Fold the sides of your underwear to the exact width you want your landing strip to be and clasp it in place with a bobby pin or barrette.

Then trim the hair down using clippers or a bikini trimmer. When you shave wet, just follow those lines. A clear shaving gel will help you see exactly where you're shaving.

Keep in mind that it is important to always use a new and sharp razor to avoid nicks and ingrown hair. We have a great pubic hair shaving guide to help you get a close shave and avoid common side effects of shaving.

Be Creative

Have fun and enjoy your new landing strip. There are no rules to follow so let your imagination run wild!