What is a Pop Out Surfboard?

USA, California, Playa del Rey, Surfboards on sandy beach
kouryangelo / Getty Images

Pop out surfboards are surfboards that are built from a mold rather than shaped from scratch. The surfboard mold is based on an original shape and then mass produced by way of an assembly line process. This is a far flung approach from the the surfboard's artisan roots but is a sign of the times. With greater numbers of surfers in the water and with the Internet enabling companies to reach a global market, pop out surfboards help large companies to get their boards into more hands.

Pop out surfboards are usually made with a molded plastc or very thick resin. This makes pop out surfboard quite strong and their vast supply keeps cost low and thus a great option for the beginner or less intensive surfer.

The flip side of the pop out surfboard comes in the Wal-Mart like mentality of flooding the market with mass-produced clone boards, which has greatly affected backyard shapers. Many well-known shapers, however, have joined large conglomerate companies that can push a popular shape out to millions of surfers. Because of its construction, pop out surfboards are normally heavier than their handmade counterparts and are less desirable for more intensive, more experienced, or more discerning surfers for that reason.

While the debate between custom versus pop out surfboards rages, here is the real deal:

Pop out surfboards are good for beginners and weekend warriors in terms of cost and construction.

Custom surfboards are better for intermediate to advanced surfes in terms of performance and their talored design options.