What Is a One-Sheet in Music?

One-Sheets in Music Explained

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A one-sheet in music is a single page that gives information about a new release that may be helpful for labels and distributors in selling the album.

Learn more about one-sheets in music and how they can help your band.

What Is a One-Sheet in Music?

A one-sheet in the music industry is a sales and marketing tool for new releases that is contained on a single sheet. It's a fast and simple way to present your personality and show off some key selling points to convince distributors to give your album some promotion.

A one-sheet is also your chance to establish credibility as an artist, so it's important to showcase your accomplishments.

Key Components

The one-sheet covers essential information about the release and provides a quick impression of the artist, the band, and the album, including:

  • Band or artist name or logo
  • Album name
  • Genre
  • Price
  • Label
  • Catalog number
  • Release date
  • Management, booking, and public relations contact information

Additional Information

Information on a one-sheet is meant to be read and understood quickly, so it should be kept simple. However, you can also include more background information about the band and the work, such as:

  • The band's past achievements
  • A short artist bio
  • Information about the recording of the album
  • The style of the music
  • The track list
  • Press coverage or quotes
  • Upcoming show dates
  • Awards or recognition
  • Significant sales stats (if applicable)

You may also want to include some links to your social media feeds, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you're touring with other artists, you may want to include that as well. Also, if you'll be playing any notable festivals or opening for a big name, include it.

Use your one-sheet to promote your strongest attributes and make a case for why your newest release should be distributed.

If necessary, you can include a separate band bio or press release to add information that doesn't fit on your one-sheet.

Layout and Design

If you're a musician, it's worth noting that your one-sheet may also include images that make it pop, such as the album cover art and maybe a picture of yourself or your band. The design may include evocative images, typography, or colors. Be as creative as you like in crafting the design and layout of your one-sheet. But don't forget to keep the document clear, simple, and easy to understand.

Your best bet is to complete the one-sheet and export it in PDF format so it's viewable no matter the device. You can also have it printed.

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How a One-Sheet in Music Works

One-sheets are very similar to album press releases which are used to generate media coverage for a new release and, in some cases, they function as the same document. But keep in mind that these pages are designed to sell an album—a distributor will use a one-sheet to convince buyers who sell albums to stock an album.

A one-sheet can be useful in a variety of ways. For example, if you're contacting the media because you want them to review the album, your one-sheet will give them an overview of what it is. In this case, it's recommended that you include a track list and highlight a few choice tracks. The media will also need a copy of your album in addition to the one-sheet before writing a review.

You can also use your one-sheet when contacting venues to book gigs or reaching out to radio stations. This way, your document can function as a simple press kit to promote you or your band.

Who Uses a One-Sheet in Music?

One-sheets are an important tool for bands and other music professionals because they're a short and sweet marketing message that clearly conveys an artist's major selling points.

Musical artists can use one-sheets to land performing gigs, radio airplay, or shelf space for their latest CD.

Public relations agents, radio DJs, programming managers, promoters, distributors, and other music professionals, as well as journalists, bloggers, and other media types, may use one-sheets to gather important information and make decisions about new releases and album coverage.

Key Takeaways

  • A one-sheet in music is a single sheet with important information about a band or artist's new release.
  • One-sheets in music are basically a one-page sales sheet to land the performer a gig or help them sell albums.
  • One-sheets should include the band's name, the release name, release date, and contact information, at a minimum.
  • Other information that bolsters an artist's image or helps tell their story can be included, but remember that one-sheets should be short and clear.