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A jingle writer is someone who creates catchy tunes, matches it with equally catchy lyrics in order to sell an advertiser's good or service through TV or radio commercials.

What does a jingle writer do?

A jingle writer usually works with advertising agencies. The jingle he writes will be based on the guidelines or suggestions of his clients. Ad agencies look for jingles that will sell the product; meaning, the jingle should be memorable and suit the product that is being promoted. Often, ad agencies chooses from several jingles written by different writers before picking one to use in their ad.

What are the usual guidelines when writing jingles?

Ad agencies give writers certain parameters when creating a jingle. Some aspects to keep in mind are the following:

  • The style of music
  • The words that needs to be in the lyrics
  • How long the jingle should beThe writer should be able to showcase all these factors in a good demo.

What are the qualities of a good jingle writer?

A good jingle writer is creative, a quick thinker, able to work under pressure, works well with others, open to direction, a good musician and arranger, writes strong lyrics, understands advertising, owns equipment or has access to the equipment he needs to get the job done and maintains good working relationships with his clients as well as vocalists and instrumentalists.

What other pointers should a jingle writer keep in mind?

The amount a jingle writer earns greatly varies; it may be as small as a couple hundred dollars or as high as several thousand. It all depends on how big the client is and what is their budget. Some jingle writers are freelancers, others have their own company or work for a company with in-house writers. A jingle writer who lands a contract usually receives an arranging and creative fee, if the writer is also the musician he gets residual income for as long as the jingle is used. Jingles have a short shelf life so it is essential that the jingle be catchy and entice the consumers to buy the product.

Why become a jingle writer?

Jingle writing is one of those professions that can be lucrative for some but unfortunate for others. Therefor, not only should you be talented, resourceful and have contacts, you should also be patient. Hone your skills as a composer and lyricist, be updated on the latest technologies in music, understand how advertising works, network with people in the advertising world and immerse yourself with different musical styles. Who knows, your jingle may be the next one we hear on the radio.

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