Your Guide to Ghosts and How They Are Created

Find Out What is a Ghost and How They Are Created

Ghosts of Past
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For hundreds of years, people have believed in ghosts to some degree. Ghosts appear in ancient literature, plays, and even current movies. Yet ghosts are largely unknown phenomena.

What Is a Ghost?

A ghost is a spirit of a person who has died. When someone dies, their physical body--the flesh and blood that allow you to walk and talk--ceases to exist. But the internal essence, or spirit, continue on.

Spiritualists believe that the things that make up your personalities, such as your ego and intellect, cannot die, and instead, carry on in another plane of existence. This continued existence is what we commonly refer to when we talk about ghosts.

Why Ghosts Are Here

It's believed that ghosts remain after their bodies die because they have some lingering emotions, resentment or guilt. They seek to influence living beings to try and reach some sort of satisfaction. However, many ghosts can go centuries without reaching fulfillment.

How Ghosts Are Created

Whether or not a person becomes a ghost after death is dependent on many factors:

  • What we have done during our lives: Ghosts often have unfulfilled goals or dreams and may remain behind because they did not accomplish what they wanted.
  • Personality and emotions: Those who become ghosts often are angry, sad and emotional, and are not able to move on from disappointments or heartbreaks.
  • The manner of death: Most ghosts experienced unnatural, sudden deaths, such as death through murder or a freak accident.
  • Lack of religious service: Ghosts can haunt the living if their death was unrecognized or unacknowledged. If they did not have a proper burial, they can feel trapped on this plane.

Seeing Ghosts

While many people believe ghosts are real, seeing them is rare. But that does not mean the ghosts are not there. Many people who have come into contact with a ghost report feeling sensations, such as unexplained cold or dampness and a sense of dread or sadness.

Many people attempt to communicate with ghosts and record themselves speaking with a voice recorder. When played back on a voice recorder, some claim that you can hear responses from the ghost. This process is referred to as "electronic voice phenomenon" (EVP).

Other people will take pictures of places they think are inhabited by ghosts. When examining the photos, you can sometimes see little balls of light, or "orbs." These orbs are not visible to the human eye in the moment but are evident in pictures. It is believed that these orbs are spirits in the area.

Identifying Ghosts

Ghosts are the spirits of people who once lived and breathed on this earth. After their passing, they are unable to move on for some reason and are instead trapped here. Many reasons can affect whether or not a person becomes a ghost, but it is possible to connect with a ghost. If you would like to make contact with a deceased spirit, consider trying EVP or photos to see if a ghost is nearby.