What Is a Brazilian Wax?

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Question: What Is a Brazilian Wax?


It removes hair in the bikini zone (pubic hair) by pulling it out from the root with a resin wax. This bikini wax style removes all the hair from the front, all the way in-between to the behind. (Yes, your bum will be hair free). Sometimes a small strip in the shape of a square, rectangle, oval or triangle is left in the front, based on personal preference.

If you’ve ever seen the tiny, thong bikinis women wear in Brazil, it's not hard to believe where this wax originated from and how it's named. In 1994 Brazilian-born J Sisters in New York, New York began offering Brazilians and are credited with popularizing this specialty service in the U.S. Now it's not just women who want to go almost bare, men are getting appointments as well.

It’s extremely important to find an experienced technician, and get this performed professionally for a safe wax and to feel less pain. Also, preparing for this specialty wax before and after will help you get and keep the best results (read tips).

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