What If I Get Turned on During a Male Brazilian Waxing?

Man having head massage at health spa
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What if you get turned on during a male Brazilian waxing? This is a great question because things happen in the waxing room that no one ever talks about. The question that doesn’t get asked is the most embarrassing and can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Yes, folks, there is a possibility of being turned on. It is not really the sexual turn on that we are all thinking about. It's more of a physical reaction that sometimes can't be avoided. There's a possibility that men will have an erection while on the waxing table. This is completely normal.

I Have an Erection, What Do I Do?

Well, you are not alone. It happens quite often. Relax and don't worry. Trust me, after a few rips of the wax strips you will not have the issue anymore.

Why Did I Get an Erection?

It is not that you are turned on it is that your genitals are being handled and it is a physical reaction. Think about it. A stranger is handling your genitals. A tug here and a rub there- it's bound to happen.

Now What?

Just stay relaxed and don't get too embarrassed. Your Esthetician has probably been in this situation many times before, and like any other professional, he or she will continue on like nothing has happened.

This does not just happen to the men. There are a few women who have a physical reaction as well. Since most of the time women have very few outward reactions it doesn't get discussed very often. Remember that it's more common then you think and your Esthetician should be professional enough to work through the issue. Stay relaxed and the pain will take care of the rest!