What Does TMR Mean?

This acronym is useful to know when you want to make plans


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Did someone just text or message you something important with the slang term "TMR" in it? If so, you're probably just itching to know what it means!

TMR is short for:


Unlike many internet slang terms out there, TMR isn't an acronym for three separate words as part of a phrase. It's just an abbreviation for the word tomorrow.

How TMR Is Used

TMR is used to quickly tell others about whatever might be going on the next day. It can be used to make a prediction, to plan an event, to meet up, to commit to a specific task or anything else that can be done or could happen within a day's timeframe.

Examples of TMR in Use

Example 1

Friend #1: "Wanna hang out sometime soon?"

Friend #2: "Yeah! Tmr is good with me. What time?"

In this first example, you can see how TMR can be used at the beginning of a sentence. Friend #1 uses it to make plans with Friend #2.

Example 2

Friend #1: "All packed and ready for the camping trip!"

Friend #2: "Nice! Hope the weather is good tmr so we can go right down to the beach as soon as we get there."

This second example shows how TMR can be used in the middle of a sentence. Friend #2 uses it to talk about a prediction or desired outcome.

Example 3

Friend #1: "I need you to send me the those files."

Friend #2: "I'll do it first thing tmr."

This last example shows how TMR can be used at the end of a sentence. Friend #2 uses it to commit to a specific task.

Other Variations of TMR

TMR is one of the rarer variations of the word tomorrow that you might see out there online or in the world of text messaging. There are several other popular ways to abbreviate this word, which include the following:

TM: The shortest abbreviation of tomorrow with just two letters.

TMW: An abbreviation that strikes a good balance between the first letter, one of the middle letters and the last letter of the word tomorrow.

TMRW: The longest abbreviation of tomorrow, containing most of all the main letters that aren't vowels.

It's also worth knowing the abbreviated form of the word yesterday if you plan on making TMR or any of the other above variations a part of your online/text vocabulary. The short form for yesterday is YDAY.

Don't Get It Confused With TMR Fandom

In some corners of the social web, particularly where young adults and teens like to hang out, TMR stands for something completely different. In TMR fandom, the term actually stands for The Maze Runner.

The Maze Runner is a science fiction novel series and movie. Fans of both the books and the movie love to connect in places like Twitter and Tumblr where they can share their thoughts, artwork, GIFs, fan fiction and more with other enthusiastic fans.

So if you stumble across TMR somewhere online and the word "tomorrow" doesn't look quite right when you read it, you might want to read it again and check for any hints of fan speak. If it sounds like someone is raving about a plot or fictional characters of some sort, then you can probably assume that they're talking about The Maze Runner.