What Does LOML Mean?

No, this acronym isn't a variation of LOL

Did someone just describe you as their LOML? If so, you might take that as a pretty big compliment! Here's why...

LOML stands for:

Love Of My Life

Aww! Now that's one acronym that's bound to make some people seriously blush.

How LOML Is Used

When used literally, LOML is synonymous with the term "soul mate." People who describe their boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband or wife as their LOML are basically saying that they've found the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with and never want to be without them. You may also see this coupled with OTP, which stands for One True Pairing.

LOML, however, can also be used sarcastically, which of course is useful for bringing humor into any normal conversation. People might sarcastically call someone (or something) their LOML if they deeply admire them or really love something about them.

Don't get it confused with "LOL," which means Laugh Out Loud. It might look similar, but its meaning is completely different.

Examples of LOML in Use

Example 1

Friend #1: "Dude, I think she might be the one. I rly think she could be the loml."

Friend #2: "Give it some time, bro. You've only been dating for a month!"

This first example shows how someone might use LOML in a literal sense to describe another as their soul mate. Friend #1 seems so head over heels about his new girlfriend that he calls her his LOML and Friend #2 needs to remind him that it takes more than a month to come to such a conclusion.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Wanna do a move night Friday?"

Friend #2: "Totally! I've got Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream!!!"

Friend #1: "Omg, you'll be the loml if you bring that over!!!"

In this second example, Friend #1 uses LOML in a sarcastic way. Presuming the two friends are not in a romantic relationship, Friend #1 exaggerates their admiration for Friend #1 by using LOML after finding out that they have ice cream to bring to their movie night.

Example 3

A photo post on Instagram of a really cute puppy captioned: "LOML"

This third example shows how LOML can be used sarcastically in a social media post as opposed to a text or chat conversation. The Instagram user who posted the photo might really love the puppy (and dogs or animals in general) in an innocently affectionate type of way, but let's face it—no one in their right mind would call an animal their soul mate in a romantic way and mean for it to be taken literally.


Another variation of LOML is OTLOML, which stands for One True Love Of My Life. It means exactly the same thing as LOML (a.k.a. "soul mate") but has an extra layer of emphasis with the added wording at the beginning of the phrase.

Funny Ways to Use LOML

LOML is a great acronym to use sarcastically for added humor to any casual conversation or social media post and there are lots of different ways you can use it. Consider using LOML when:

  • Expressing gratitude to a friend who did a simple yet very generous favor
  • Posting about your celebrity crush for WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or MCM (Man Crush Monday)
  • Posting photos of delicious-looking food (especially desserts)
  • Posting photos of adorable pets or animals • Posting photos of any inanimate objects you really love and cherish (e.g. your favorite makeup brush, the juicer in your kitchen that you use daily, the heirloom necklace you got from your great grandma, etc.)