What Does LGHT Mean?

This rare acronym has two potential interpretations

A text message saying "LGHT" on an iPhone


You'd have to be pretty well-versed in internet slang terms and acronyms to instantly know what LGHT means. If you're scratching your head wondering what it could possibly stand for, you came to the right place.

LGHT stands for:

  1. Let God Handle That
  2. Let's Get High Tonight

LGHT as Let God Handle That

Using LGHT to mean "Let God Handle That" is like telling someone to put their faith in the unknown and whatever's meant to be. Someone might use it in response to someone's overly controlling or anxious behavior as a way to encourage them to relax and simply go with the flow rather than stressing over things that are out of their hands.

Examples of LGHT as Let God Handle That

Example 1

Friend #1: "I can't stop thinking about that guy I just met. Why won't he text? What if he's my soulmate?"

Friend #2: "LGHT"

In the first example above, LGHT as "Let God Handle That" is used as a standalone response. Friend #2 uses it in hopes of getting Friend #1 to calm down about not knowing their crush's intentions.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Do you think the prof will put a bell curve on the exam results? I really need it!"

Friend #2: "There's really no way to tell so just LGHT"

In this second example, LGHT as "Let God Handle That" is used as part of a sentence. Friend #2 bluntly points out to Friend #1 that they can't predict what might happen with their exam results so they might as well not fret about it.

LGHT as Let's Get High Tonight

Using LGHT to mean "Let's Get High Tonight" is comparable to making a request to get together to smoke marijuana or take some other recreational drug. For this specific reason, this interpretation of LGHT is rarely used just anywhere or with anyone and is almost always used in private texts or messages between friends who they already know are open to taking drugs.

Examples of LGHT as Let's Get High Tonight

Example 1

Friend #1: "Been a long week. LGHT."

Friend #2: "Meet you at your place in 30 minutes"

The first example above shows how LGHT as "Let's Get High Tonight" can be used as a phrase on its own. Friend #1 simply uses it to make their request and Friend #2 agrees by stating when and where they'll meet them.

Example 2

Friend #1: "Just paid off the last of my student loan!"

Friend #2: "Congrats! LGHT to celebrate!"

This second example shows how LGHT might be used in sentence. Friend #2 uses it as a request for a specific reason (to celebrate Friend #1 paying off their student debt).

How to Know Which Interpretation Is Being Used

Everything from the type of conversation to the relationship you have with the individual you're texting/chatting with will need to be examined in order to tell which interpretation of LGHT is being used. To do this, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is LGHT being used as a response to controlling or anxious behavior? If yes, they might mean Let God Handle That.
  • Does the overall message convey "It is what it is" or "Whatever's meant to be"? If yes, they might mean Let God Handle That.
  • Do you and the individual you're speaking with engage in recreational drug use? If yes, they might mean Let's Get High Tonight.
  • Does the individual using LGHT sound like they're making a request to do something? If yes, they might mean Let's Get High Tonight.