What Does is Mean When a Baby Clothes Tag Just Reads 12 Months?

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Question: What Does is Mean When a Baby Clothes Tag Just Reads 12 Months?

When I first started buying baby clothes, there was always an age range on the size tag. As my baby gets older, it seems that tags have transitioned from age ranges to just a single age - for example, 12 months. How do I interpret that? Is that the earliest she'll wear the outfit? Or should I expect that she won't fit in to it after 12 months?


While all manufacturers seem to size their baby clothes differently, one thing is consistent across the board. If there is a single age listed on the tag, that is the maximum age the manufacturer expects your child to fit into the outfit.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean a lot. Since all babies grow at different rates, it's not uncommon for a 12 month outfit to stop fitting at 6 months; or, some babies may be able to wear a 12 month outfit well into their 16th month.

Generally, it is safe to assume that if a size label reads "12 months," you can interpret that to be 9-12 months. The same holds true with clothes marked "18 months." Plan on those outfits fitting from 12-18 months of age.

It's also not a bad idea to tuck a baby clothes size chart that also includes weights into your wallet; when in doubt, you always have it as a reference.