What Does Epeen Mean?

What the term means and how it's used online

An image graphic of a computer monitor with the slang term, "Epeen" written on it.

Are you seeing "epeen" used somewhere online? Well, you might want to brace yourself before you discover what it means.

Epeen stands for:

Electronic Penis

This is one of those slang terms that comes off as sounding pretty inappropriate and immature. But its meaning and the way that it's used goes far beyond what it sounds like on the surface.

What Epeen Really Means

As inappropriate and even funny as it looks, epeen isn't only a reference digital version of male genitalia. It's also a reference to the male ego—particularly the kind of online ego that surfaces in forums, message boards, gaming chats and more.

Epeen can also be written as "e-peen" with a hyphen between the e and the rest of the word—similar to "email" vs. "e-mail."

How Epeen Is Used

Given what it stands for, epeen is almost always used by and/or directed at male online users.

It appears that epeen can be used in three common ways:

To Point Out Someone's Arrogance and Egotistical Behavior

An online user might be annoyed at another user's arrogance or perhaps even jealous of whatever he's bragging about. In this case, he might use the slang term epeen to make him aware of what he's doing with the goal of hopefully getting him to stop.

To Knowingly Brag or Gloat About Something

Alternatively, an online user might get a self-esteem boost from bragging about his accomplishments as enthusiastically as he can. In this case, he knows he's bragging, and he might use the term epeen to point out that fact—perhaps just to lift himself up and annoy other online users even more.

To Joke About the State of Someone's Manhood by Using a Size Reference

Lastly, an online user might express that he has little power over a situation or lack of skill to achieve something. Another user might make fun of them by equating their lack of power or skill to the size of their penis—of course using epeen as the chosen term.

Examples of How Epeen Is Used

Given the meaning of this slang term and how it's used, these examples might come off as slightly inappropriate.

Example 1

Forum User #1: "Bench pressed 275 this morning like it was nothing. Hope you boys are enjoying those girly weights!"

Forum User #2: "Your e-peen is showing. Cover it up, man."

In this first example, a forum user brags about how much weight he can bench press and then puts down everyone else who's lifting lighter weights than he is. Another forum user calls him out on his immature behavior by using the slang term epeen.

Example 2

Video Game Player #1: "Made it to LEVEL 131!!!!!!!! My epeen is SOARING!"

Video Game Player #2: "Cool bro but you need to calm down."

In this second example, a gamer in a gaming chat knowingly brags about a personal achievement. He points out a high level he's reached in a game and uses the slang term epeen to exaggerate his perceived greatness.

Example 3

Video Game Player #1: "People keep leaving my Fortnite team... what gives?!!?"

Video Game Player #2: "Maybe it's because your epeen is microscopic."

In this last example, gamer #1 describes a problem he's facing. Gamer #2 comes along and interprets gamer #1's problem as something caused by his lack of power or skill—using an epeen size reference to jokingly point out his shortcomings.

Another Variation of Epeen

A more literal variation of epeen is "e-penis," which uses the main term for the primary sexual male organ.