The Hole Yardages and Pars at Augusta National Golf Club

Rory McIlroy on the second hole at Augusta National
Rory McIlroy plays a shot on the second hole during the 2013 Masters. Hole No. 2 is the longest at Augusta National — 575 yards. David Cannon/Getty Images

What are the yardages and pars of each hole at Augusta National Golf Club during The Masters? Check the chart below for the rundown. But first, know that the full, 18-hole, par-72 layout checks in at 7,475 yards total. The front nine and back are both par-36, and are almost equal in distance: 3,765 yards for the front nine and 3,710 yards for the back nine.

The longest hole at Augusta National is the second, at 575 yards.

The shortest hole is the 12th, at 155 yards.

The toughest hole on the course is No. 10, a par-4 that historically has played to a 4.31-stroke average during The Masters Tournament. The easiest hole on the course is No. 15, a par-5 that historically has played to a 4.78 average.

Hole-by-Hole Yardages and Pars at Augusta National

Here are the hole-by-hole yardages, the par of each hole, plus the average tournament score for each:

HoleParYardsAvg. Score*
No. 1Par 4445 yards4.24
No. 2Par 5575 yards4.79
No. 3Par 4350 yards4.08
No. 4Par 3240 yards3.29
No. 5Par 4495 yards4.27
No. 6Par 3180 yards3.14
No. 7Par 4450 yards4.15
No. 8Par 5570 yards4.83
No. 9Par 4460 yards4.15
No. 10Par 4495 yards4.31
No. 11Par 4505 yards4.29
No. 12Par 3155 yards3.28
No. 13Par 5510 yards4.79
No. 14Par 4440 yards4.18
No. 15Par 5530 yards4.78
No. 16Par 3170 yards3.15
No. 17Par 4440 yards4.16
No. 18Par 4465 yards4.23

(*This is the average score on the hole through the entire history of The Masters Tournament.

Source: Also remember that each hole at Augusta National is named for a flowering plant or shrub; see What are the names of the holes at Augusta? for that rundown.)

Through tournament history, the front nine scoring average is 36.94 strokes, the back nine average 37.15, and the 18-hole average 74.16.

What about the USGA Course Rating and USGA Slope Rating at Augusta? Sorry, no dice: Augusta National has never asked to be rated. However, there have been a couple "undercover operations" to produce estimated course and slope ratings, and the short version is that Augusta National has a course rating estimated around 78.1 and a slope rating estimated around 137.

Augusta National's Total Yards Through the Years

There have been many changes to the golf course over the years, including changes to its length. And did you know its nines were originally the other way around? Today's back nine was the original front nine, and vice-versa. The nines were flipped to their current configuration in 1935.

But about the lengthening of the Augusta National ... Here is the yardage at Augusta through the years:

  • 6,700 yards: 1934 through 1937
  • 6,800 yards: 1938 through 1947
  • 6,900 yards: 1948 through 1951
  • 6,950 yards: 1952 through 1955
  • 6,965 yards: 1956
  • 6,980 yards: 1957 through 1973
  • 7,020 yards: 1974 and 1975
  • 7,030 yards: 1976 and 1977
  • 7,040 yards: 1978 through 1980
  • 6,905 yards: 1981 through 1993
  • 6,925 yards: 1994 through 1998
  • 6,985 yards: 1999 through 2001
  • 7,270 yards: 2002
  • 7,290 yards: 2003 through 2005
  • 7,445 yards: 2006 through 2008
  • 7,435 yards: 2009 through 2019
  • 7,475 yards: 2019 to present

Perhaps you noticed that Augusta National always measures to a yardage ending in zero or five. The club poobahs like nice, round numbers. Also note that the 10-yard decrease from 2008 to 2009 is the only time in course history that Augusta National has gotten shorter from one Masters Tournament to the next.

The club is always evaluating how its current yardage holds up to modern golf equipment and athletes, and considering future changes. In the 2010s, the club purchased several tracts of land on the boundaries of the course that will allow it — should club officials deem it appropriate — to lengthen some holes in the future.

The most-recent change in length happened prior to the 2019 Masters, when 40 yards was added to the fifth hole.

That increased the hole's yardage from 455 yards to 495 yards. Augusta National acquired land on which to move back the No. 5 teeing area by working to re-route Berckmans Road along the club's perimeter.