What are Brazilian Panties?

Brazilian Panty by La Perla and Thong by Fantasie
A La Perla Brazilian panty (left) and Fantasie Brazilian thong (right). Bare Necessities

The Brazilian cut panty. This popular underwear name refers to how the back of the panty looks, while the front can be any style. The most common way to describe a Brazilian panty is that it is wider in the back than a thong, but much less coverage than a regular bikini cut. This style is a popular cut for both underwear and swimsuits in Brazil, which is where its name originated.

How to Wear Brazilian Style Panties 

Most women like Brazilian style panties because they look so sexy. This cut reveals part of the buttocks, making them alluring by showing off just a bit of skin. Some women find this style more comfortable to wear than a thong. Thong underwear is very small in the back and will go up and in between the cheeks. The Brazilian remains laying on top of the buttocks. 

Since this type of underwear ends just about in the middle of your butt cheeks, panty lines have nowhere to hide. The elastic or decorative edge of a Brazilian panty may show through pants, creating a line. This is especially true if you're wearing form-fitting or thin pants. If you're looking for an underwear option without panty lines, try a thong or a seamless option. 

Another risk of wearing a Brazilian is that the back may ride up, or move around. For some, the slight "thong" feeling is welcome. For others, this can feel more like a wedgie. In that case, a comfortable bikini style, or another underwear style with more coverage, may be more comfortable for you. As with any type of undergarment, the best style for you will depend on your unique body shape, style preference, and personal comfort. If you're looking for a new style to try, below are a few Brazilian panty options.

Types of Brazilian Panties

The Brazilian thong has a slightly wider back than a regular ​thong. This style combines the traditional Brazilian panty and a thong to create a no panty line Brazilian option. Typically, the coverage is widest at the top in this style. Lingerie brand, Affinitas, makes a Brazilian thong with a soft lace back. Another example is the Mae Brazilian thong from Fantasie, which is pictured on the right, above. 

The Brazilian boyshort has a back with less coverage than a regular boyshort. This panty style can resemble a typical boyshort in the front, while the back will resemble a generously wide cut thong style panty. The Brazilian Boyshort can also be called the Boy Thong, as it combines several style attributes of a boyshort and a thong. This style is great for someone who enjoys the front coverage of a boyshort and the back coverage of a wide cut thong.

The Brazilian bikini is the most traditional of the Brazilian styles. This popular underwear style typically resembles a regular bikini in the front. In the back, this style has less coverage than a regular bikini. The red panty shown on the left, above, is a perfect example. This style is the Maharani Brazilian panty from La Perla, a brand that has several beautiful Brazilian bikini options.

You may hear the term tanga and Brazilian panty used to describe similar items. These two styles are essentially the same cut and coverage, and different brands will use different terms. 

Updated by Kim "Kimmay" Caldwell January 31st, 2016