The 15 Websites You Should Visit Daily

15 Valuable Online Resources You Need to Bookmark

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There's no doubt about it; the industry has gone digital. And as the traditional media choices disappear, making way for digital equivalents, so too do our news and information sources. We can no longer rely on magazines and other periodicals; by the time we get them, the news contained is already out of date.

Therefore, as a good advertising professional, you should dedicate a small portion of your day (or week, if you have very little free time) perusing great websites that contain a flurry of information. Not just news sites, but social media, content aggregators and more. Here's a list of 15 websites that you should check out daily, be it through bookmarking the sites or following them on social media.

1: The Egotist Network

If you live in a major advertising city, there will be an Egotist for you. It all started with The Denver Egotist, but now has branches in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and even Dubai. This is a great resource for local and national news. Very few advertising blogs do the local scene well, this is the top of the bunch. It's also anonymous, meaning you get some very strong opinions on there. Bookmark your local Egotist today.

2: Adfreak

For anyone in the industry, this is a great source of information. Updated daily, sometimes hourly, it'll give you the lowdown on the latest campaigns, movers and shakers, new technologies and a lot more.

3: Buzzfeed

For the latest news and gossip, entertainment stories, videos, politics and everything else you can think of, Buzzfeed collects it all in one handy place. It's not as user-centric as Reddit, but it's still a reliable and constantly updated resource.

4: Wallpaper

Back in the day, Wallpaper* magazine was required reading in the ad agencies I worked at in London. The * referred to *stuff that refines you. And yes, it is. It's filled with the latest architecture trends, design, art, fashion, travel and lifestyle. If you want to know what the next big thing will be, you'll find it within the pages of

5: The Verge

Just a few years old, The Verge "covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture." If you know anything about the direction in which our industry is heading, you'll know how applicable that statement it. Covering the latest on web & social, gaming, mobile, science, pop culture and even law, this is a "must visit daily" site.

6: Wired

Very few names conjure up the vision of cutting edge news and insights. Wired is one of them. This is the place to go for your tech news, business, design, entertainment, science, and predictions for the future of, well, all of the above.

7: Ads Of The World

Every day, Ads Of The World shows dozens of new campaigns from agencies all around the world. Admittedly, I find a lot of the work very formulaic, designed to win awards. But there are still hundreds and hundreds of great ideas on there, that can leave you feeling inspired. Check it out daily.

8: Adverblog

Now over ten years old, and probably the most read advertising blog in the world, Adverblog is a one-stop-shop for all the latest digital advertising and marketing. And they are insistent that they serve up "only the best ideas worldwide." Having been a regular reader from their inception, I agree.

9: AdRants

Published by veteran advertising guru Steve Hall, AdRants promises a "no holds barred" approach to ad blogging. You get searing opinions, funny reviews, plus serious coverage of trends, strategies, viral campaigns, buzz and even industry research. This one is definitely a favorite of the ad community.

10: Reddit

Anything and everything that's popular on the web will make its way to the front page of The site, separated by many different categories, gives readers karma points for submitting and commenting. They tag NSFW links, and topics range from movies and music to the really bizarre. If you want your finger on the pulse of pop culture, it should be placed right here.

11: AdAge

The go-to website for everyone in the advertising, marketing, PR, and design industries. Ad Age is updated hourly with the latest news about the business, and provides in-depth articles and coverage of the most important stories surrounding advertising. Some content does cost you money to access, but it's well worth it. The AdAge journalists keep you up-to-date on all the info. 

12: AdLand

A massive repository of the latest and greatest ads, both national and international, in one handy place. AdLand has been going since 1996 and boasts the largest collection of Super Bowl ads anywhere online. If you want to feed your inner ad geek, this is the place to be. 

13: The Inspiration Room

Looking for ideas, news, trending topics, and a place that inspires you to do better work? Then head on over to The Inspiration Room. You'll get to see a lot of work not usually highlighted by the big boys (AdFreak, AdAge), and it covers everything from film and print, to interactive and audio. Bookmark this one right now. 

14: AdPulp

Political advertising. Media trends. Ad people. Editorials. AdPulp has it all, and is not only a great read, but a daily reminder of why you got into advertising. Covering new work, content, and creative campaigns from around the world, it's a slick site with a lot to offer anyone in advertising, marketing, and design. 

15: DigiDay

Let's face it; advertising has gone digital. Or at least, it's now a massive chunk of the industry. If you want to be on top of the latest digital trends, campaigns, movers and shakers, and all things new media, you need to check in with DigiDay at least once a day. A fantastic and insightful destination.