Top Websites for Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists

The internet is a great resource for continuing education. As hair stylists and beauty professionals, it is our job to keep up on beauty trends, new products, technologies, trade shows, and news events that pertain to our industry. Being a great stylist doesn't have to end when you leave the salon. Staying up on continued education is a great way to set you apart from the pack and take your talent to the next level. Since it's easier than ever to gather this information over the internet, I've created a list of the top websites hair stylists and makeup artists should be checking on a regular basis, besides this one, of course!

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This website is jam-packed with resources for hair sylists and makeup artists. With information galore, combines how-to's, events coverage, product reviews and peer networking, to bring you a well-rounded wealth of knowledge. Create a user account to get even more access to what the website has to offer. Once you sign up, you can even email celebrity stylists to help out with questions or problems you might be running into. The message boards are also a great feature on, there you can blast out questions and receive answers from stylists from all over the country.

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Curly hair seems to perplex many a stylist. For all of you who shake in your booties every time a big beautiful mane of curly hair sits in your chair, this website is for you. is a resource for both client and stylist. There are curly hair tips for days, and I can bet any of your questions can be answered by visiting this site. You'll find curly hair care tips regarding cutting, styling, products, tools and more. Take the stress out of having to figure it out behind the chair and get familiar with curly hair in the comfort of your own home. Visit and discover how easy curly hair can be. Once you do, I can bet your chair will be filled with new, adoring clients.

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This website is for anyone who is looking to break into the world of editorial and celebrity styling. If you're interested in this line of work, then most of you know that having a portfolio is key. But how do you start a portfolio? is a fabulous resource for hooking up with photographers, models and makeup artists who are willing to get together for test shoots which can be used in your portfolio. If you already have a portfolio, you can create a profile and post it on your site for other beauty professionals to view. Often times you will be contacted by people that are looking for your talent. The best part is, some of the jobs are even paid. Don't count on this too much though, as most people on are new and emerging talent.

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I'm sure many of you have heard of but are you hip to their VIP website? Creating a profile on gains you access to awesome flash sales on beauty products and professional tools. Not only can you scoop up your favorite beauty products for cheap, but you'll also earn reward points just for shopping for the things you need. You even get points for registering with the site and for signing up for their newsletter. Reward points cary a dollar value which you can then spend on their website. Amazing!