Web Developer Resume With Summary Statement Example

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Web developers on the job market are typically best served by professional resumes that emphasize both their strong tech skills and their creative design talents. That means that the format of a web developer resume can be more "artistic" than that which would be used in more conservative career fields.

See tips on how to create a successful web developer resume and get inspiration from a sample. 

What to Include in Your Resume

A table or other summary of software/tools. A web developer resume should include a tech table that lists all of the software and tools that the candidate is experienced in using for web design. 

Common software and web development tools include NetSuite, Node.js, HTML, CSS, C#, JavaScript, Git Hub, Bootstrap, Gulp, Handlebars, Bit Bucket, Drupal, SEO, UI/UX, and Python. 

Using a two- or three-column table allows you to include several applications in a limited amount of space.

Share accomplishments. You'll want anyone viewing your resume to be easily taken in by your hard skills and experience. But it's also important to make sure your resume is focused on achievements, not just day-to-day tasks. If you've led a team, launched a project, won a prize, or so on, be sure that's included in your write-ups of the positions you've held. 

Include industry-specific keywords. Web developer resumes also need to incorporate as many industry-specific keywords as possible in order to be ranked highly by the sophisticated applicant tracking systems that companies often now employ to review incoming job applications. If a resume and its accompanying cover letter fail to use the keywords that these systems are programmed to identify, it may be well be doomed never to reach the human eye of a hiring manager.

The best guide to knowing which keywords to use is the language used in the job advertisement to which you are applying. Keyword phrases that are frequently used in postings for web developers include:

  • LAMP development
  • Working with command lines
  • Writing modules
  • Version control systems
  • Continuous integration
  • DevOps practices
  • Responsive design
  • Agile software development
  • Front-end systems
  • Debugging
  • Server-side scripting
  • Writing application code
  • Object-oriented design

You can insert keywords into the tech table or an opening resume summary statement—also known as a summary of qualifications. 

By beginning your resume with a qualifications profile enriched with keywords, you'll ensure that you both "pass" the scoring algorithms of the applicant tracking systems and immediately catch the attention of hiring managers.

Tips for Writing an Effective Resume for a Web Developer

Highlight your tech skills. Mention the different technologies you've used in each of the jobs you've held, as well as in the tech table. Make sure to include the specific technology mentioned in the job description within your resume if you have used it previously.

Quantify accomplishments. When you can add numbers in a description, do so. Think: "Led a team of 8 people" or "Launched the app in 3 months." 

Tailor your resume to the role. Take time to update your resume as needed for each job you apply to. Where you might want to emphasize one skill and ability in one role, another role may call for different skills. 

Highlight education and certifications if relevant. If you have relevant certifications, make sure they're included in your resume. 

Proofread and edit. You'll want to make sure your resume is polished and professional — that means creating a document that's free from grammar or spelling errors, and using formatting consistently. Edit your resume prior to sharing it. 

Web Developer Resume Example

This is an example of a web developer resume. Download the web developer resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Screenshot of a web developer resume sample

Web Developer Resume Example (Text Version)

Joe Applicant
123 Main Street
Anytown, PA 12345
(123) 456-7890


Building quality websites and applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Award-winning web developer and instructor with 10+ years’ of well-rounded experience in LAMP development, object-oriented and user-centered design, seeks a position with a top technology firm.

Key skills include:

  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, Server-Scripting, C/C++, and Oracle
  • Experience with SEO
  • Knowledgeable in Online Advertising
  • Expert in LAMP Web Service Stacks
  • Experience Teaching Web Development


ABC TRAINING, Philadelphia, PA
Brought on board to provide comprehensive training in ABC programs and tools for the company’s high-profile clients, including ABC Bank and ABC School; wrote company’s web-development manual.

Notable accomplishments:

  • Served as Technical Instructor for ABC’s onsite web-development program.
  • Taught web development programming and video editing at State University and Local County Community College.

Contributed to student mastery of modules including HTML, ASP, Visual Basic, and Access Database.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Taught students to use Oracle Database, SQL Service, Cold Fusion, and JavaScript.
  • Named “Instructor of the Year” three years in a row; taught approximately 200 students.


ABC UNIVERSITY, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Science (Major: Computer Science; Graduated Magna Cum Laude), May 2011


ACE Web Specialist (Adobe) • Zend Certified PHP Engineer • Oracle (APEX) Certified

Technical Skills

Software & Tools: CSS, NetSuite, Access, Oracle • Languages: C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, SQL

How to Get Your Resume Noticed

HIGHLIGHT YOUR CREDENTIALS AND SKILLS: Make sure you've highlighted all the software, tools, and products you know how to use. 

SHOWCASE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Quantify your achievements so the hiring manager can see what you achieved in previous positions.

TAILOR YOUR RESUME TO THE JOB: Take the time to tweak your resume, so it focuses on the qualifications the employer is seeking.