How To Wear Purple In A Stylish Way

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You Should Be Wearing More Purple

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It may seem intimidating at first—purple is known to be one of the most difficult colors to wear. If you're wondering what to wear with purple, confidence is the first thing!

Wikipedia tells us, "According to surveys In Europe and the U.S., purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery and piety." And also adds, "When combined with pink, it is associated with eroticism, femininity and seduction."

If that isn't enough to have you considering wearing purple to your next, well, anything, we don't know what is.

There are many different shades of purple, so deciding what will look best is largely dependent on the intensity and hue, and of course, your personal preference. Lavender, for example, looks beautiful when contrasted with white or navy blue. Deep eggplant shades look sophisticated with black or metallic accessories.

Ahead, we used celebrity style and street style images to help illustrate how you can add purple into your wardrobe for almost any occasion from formal to casual.

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How To Wear Lavender

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Lavender may be the prettiest shade of purple—it's definitely one of our favorites to wear, especially in the spring. Lavender can be worn in a variety of ways and with many other colors. During the winter, infuse your wardrobe with a touch of lavender that also keeps you warm, with a wool or faux-fur coat. Lavender also looks amazing with any shade of denim, and adds soft femininity to white or other pastel colors like blush and sky blue.

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How To Wear Magenta

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Magenta is one of those beautiful colors that walks the line between purple and pink. It looks great with other rich tones like turquoise, but when it comes to shoes and accessories, it really pairs well with cognac and dark beige—especially leather or suede.

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How To Wear Eggplant Purple

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Eggplant is one of the most subdued and easy-to-wear shades of purple. We love how it looks here, paired with black, white and deep wine colors. 

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How To Wear Violet

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Did you know that technically, violet is not a shade of purple? On the visible spectrum of light (also known as a rainbow) it is it's own spectral color, with its own wavelength.

A lovely color that visually falls between purple and blue, violet is easy to wear with any neutrals. It looks excellent paired with black, white and nudes, too. As part of a print, violet adds a rich and unexpected element.

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More Ways To Wear Purple

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As with any color, the key to making it work in your wardrobe is confidence and a little bit of trial and error. You may find, for example, that lavender doesn't flatter your skin tone, but rich deep purple really accentuates your blonde hair. Or, you love wearing pink and purple together for a girly mix.

The old rules about color don't really apply anymore. If you want to wear purple and turquoise together? Go for it! Feeling great in the clothes you wear is what's most important.